COLUMBUS, Ohio – In its fourth home doubleheader of the season, the second-ranked Ohio State men’s tennis team defeated Michigan State, 7-0, and Toledo, 5-0, Friday at the Ohio State University Varsity Indoor Tennis Center. The Buckeyes (23-1; 5-0 Big Ten) have now won 15 consecutive matches and improve their home win streak to 105 straight wins, dating back to 2003.

Ohio State is 38-35 all-time vs. the Spartans. Under 11th-year head coach Ty Tucker, the Buckeyes are 11-0 vs. Michigan State. In Big Ten play, the Scarlet and Gray has won 58 consecutive matches and are now 109-5 in its last 114 league matches, including postseason play.

Against the Spartans, sophomore Steven Williams claimed the Buckeyes’ 22nd win of the season at No. 6 singles with a 6-3, 6-2 score over Will Davis. Williams, a native of Manlius, N.Y., has won nine consecutive matches with a perfect 5-0 mark in dual play.

The Buckeyes won their 12th-consecutive doubles point after juniors Matt Allare and Shuhei Uzawa defeated Austin Brooks and John Stratton, 8-5, at No. 1. The duo owns a team-high 15 wins this year as it won its third straight match. At No. 3, senior co-captain Justin Kronauge and junior Balazs Novak won the first match of the day with an 8-1 victory over Clark Richardson and Denis Bogatov.

At No. 2, sophomore Chase Buchanan and freshman Dino Marcan improved their record to 10-1 overall, winning 8-2 over Jason Norville and Joe Vallee. Buchanan is 19-8 in doubles this season, while Marcan has claimed 22 victories in his first Buckeye campaign.

In singles, Novak downed Stratton in straight sets 6-1, 6-1, at No. 5. The native of Budapest, Hungary, is 24-6 overall after the win vs. Michigan State. Marcan, ranked 88th in the nation, put the Buckeyes within one point of claiming the match with his win at No. 2. Marcan lost just one game in a 6-0, 6-1 performance over Brooks and improves to 5-1 at the second singles position.

At No. 3, Kronauge, polled 36th in the country, won his 136th career singles match after posting a 6-2, 6-3 win over Bogatov. Kronauge has won 14 consecutive matches, with a team-high 25 victories. Following Kronauge was Buchanan, ranked 12th in the nation, at the top of the lineup. The native of New Albany, Ohio, downed Hulewicz 6-0, 6-1. He is now 15-1 at No. 1 singles this year. 

Uzawa, ranked No. 113, won the final match vs. Michigan State at No. 4 singles. He improved to 17-13 overall after defeating Norville in a second-set tiebreaker 6-1, 7-6 (7-3).

In the evening match vs. the Rockets, Allare and Uzawa won the doubles point for the Buckeyes for the second time of the day. The Buckeye duo improved to 16-7 overall with an 8-6 victory over Sven Burus and Aleksandar Elezovic at No. 1. Kronauge and Novak began the momentum, winning 8-2 against Bryant Dudzik and Terence Weigand at No. 3. With the win, Kronauge is one match shy of tying former Buckeye Scott Green (2003-06) for fourth on the program’s all-time career wins list with 117 victories. Novak, paired with Kronauge, has won 10 consecutive matches this year.

Senior co-captain Mike O’Connell paired with Marcan for the first time this season to win, 8-5, over Nutthavit Likitkumchorn and Leo Sarria at No. 2.

In singles, Allare was the first to finish his match, wining 6-0, 6-2 over Leo Sarria at No. 4. He is now 16-7 overall this year. At No. 1, Kronauge downed Elezovic in straight sets 6-1, 6-0 to improve to 26-3 overall. Kronauge is one win shy of tying former Buckeye Steven Moneke (2006-09) for first on Ohio State’s all-time combined career wins list with 254 victories.

Sophomore Devin McCarthy won the match for the Buckeyes at No. 6. McCarthy defeated Dudzik 6-2, 6-1, to maintain his undefeated record of 10-0 in dual play in his second year as a Buckeye. Novak won his match within seconds after McCarthy at No. 5 with a 6-1, 6-0 victory over Gursher Harika.

The Buckeyes will now travel to 17th-ranked Mississippi April 14th in their last non-conference regular-season match in University, Miss.

No. 2 Ohio State 7, Michigan State 0
The Ohio State University Varsity Indoor Tennis Center
Columbus, Ohio 
April 9, 2010, at 2 p.m.

Tennis Match Final Results

Singles competition
1. No. 12 Chase Buchanan (OSU) def. Ronnie Hulewicz (MSU) – 6-0, 6-1
2. No. 88 Dino Marcan (OSU) def. Austin Brooks (MSU) – 6-0, 6-1
3. No. 36 Justin Kronauge (OSU) def. Denis Bogatov (MSU) – 6-2, 6-3
4. No. 113 Shuhei Uzawa (OSU) def. Jason Norville (MSU) 6-1, 7-6 (7-3)
5. Balazs Novak (OSU) def. John Stratton (MSU) – 6-1, 6-1
6. No. 122 Steven Williams (OSU) def. Will Davis (MSU) – 6-3, 6-2

1. Matt Allare/Shuhei Uzawa (OSU) def. Austin Brooks/John Stratton (MSU) – 8-5
2. No. 34 Chase Buchanan/Dino Marcan (OSU) def. Jason Norville/Joe Vallee (MSU) – 8-2
3. Balazs Novak/Justin Kronauge (OSU) def. Clark Richardson/Denis Bogatov (MSU) – 8-1

*Rankings from latest Campbell/ITA Division I College Tennis Rankings announced March 30

Match Notes:
Ohio State 22-1, 5-0 Big Ten; National ranking No. 2
Michigan State 11-10, 0-6 Big Ten;
Order of Finish: Doubles (3,1,2), Singles (5,2,6,3,1,4)

No. 2 Ohio State 5, Toledo 0
The Ohio State University Varsity Indoor Tennis Center
Columbus, Ohio 
April 9, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.

Tennis Match Final Results

1. Matt Allare/Shuhei Uzawa (OSU) def. Sven Burus/Aleksandar Elezovic (UT) – 8-6
2. Mike O’Connell/Dino Marcan (OSU) def. N. Likitkumchorn/Leo Sarria (UT) – 8-5
3. Justin Kronauge/Balazs Novak (OSU) def. Bryant Dudzik/Terence Weigand (UT) – 8-2

1. No. 36 Justin Kronauge (OSU) def. Aleksandar Elezovic (UT) 6-1, 6-0
2. No. 12 Chase Buchanan (OSU) vs. Sven Burus (UT) 6-3, 3-3, unfinished
3. No. 113 Shuhei Uzawa (OSU) vs. N. Likitkumchorn (UT) 6-5, unfinished
4. Matt Allare (OSU) def. Leo Sarria (UT) 6-0, 6-2
5. Balazs Novak (OSU) def. Gursher Harika (UT) 6-1, 6-0
6. Devin McCarthy (OSU) def. Bryant Dudzik (UT) 6-2, 6-1

*Rankings from latest Campbell/ITA Division I College Tennis Rankings announced March 30

Match Notes:
Ohio State 23-1, 5-0 Big Ten; National ranking No. 2
Toledo 10-13, 1-2 MAC
Order of Finish: Doubles (3,1,2), Singles (4,1,6,5)