February 8, 2019

No. 2 Ohio State battles Arizona State to a 6-1 victory


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State men’s tennis team defeated Arizona State on Friday evening 6-1 in a match that was hard-fought in the early goings.

The Buckeyes took the lead through doubles play 1-0 after big performances from JJ Wolf, Martin Joyce, Alex Kobelt and James Trotter. Wolf and Joyce never looked to be out of control and it was Kobelt and Trotter who clinched the first point for the Buckeyes.

In singles play, the majority of the matchups were neck and neck for the first set. Back and forth, courts one through four all held a first set score at 3-3 to begin. Alex Kobelt and Hunter Tubert jumped out to big leads in the first set, winning 6-3 and 6-2 respectively.

After some battling between the Sun Devils and Buckyes to begin, all six inaguarual sets were won by the Buckeyes, and from there on, Ohio State never lost control.

John McNally would go on to win his match while Kyle Seelig fell just short in a hard-fought match. JJ Wolf’s match would be the finishing contest of the night, going to a third set tiebreaker. The crowd was loud as Wolf came back from a loss in the second set to dominate in the super set 10-0.

With this win over, the Buckeyes improve to 7-0 on the season. This is the 15th consecutive year Ty Tucker and the Buckeyes have opened the season undefeated through seven matches.

Ohio State will next face No. 24 Georgia in Columbus on Sunday.

Tennis Match Results
Arizona State vs Ohio State
Feb. 8, 2019 at Columbus, Ohio
(OSU Varsity Indoor Tennis Center)

#2 Ohio State 6, Arizona State 1

Singles competition
1. #2 JJ Wolf (OSU) def. #65 Nathan Ponwith (ASU) 6-4, 6-7 (7-9), 1-0 (10-0)
2. #62 John McNally (OSU) def. Andrea Bolla (ASU) 6-4, 6-4
3. Justin Roberts (ASU) def. #12 Kyle Seelig (OSU) 7-6, 0-6, 1-0 (10-8)
4. Martin Joyce (OSU) def. Benjamin Hannestad (ASU) 6-3, 6-1
5. #86 Alex Kobelt (OSU) def. Makey Rakotomalala (ASU) 6-3, 6-2
6. Hunter Tubert (OSU) def. William Kirkman (ASU) 6-2, 7-5

Doubles competition
1. JJ Wolf/Martin Joyce (OSU) def. Makey Rakotomalala/Justin Roberts (ASU) 6-2
2. Alex Kobelt/James Trotter (OSU) def. Andrea Bolla/William Kirkman (ASU) 6-4
3. John McNally/Hunter Tubert (OSU) vs. Benjamin Hannestad/Nathan Ponwith (ASU) 5-5, unfinished

Match Notes:
Arizona State 2-5
Ohio State 8-0; National ranking #2
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2); Singles (5,6,4,2,3,1)
Official: Marcus Lee