Thad Matta, Ohio State Head Coach
On the defense tonight
“I think some of the defensive plays, Will had the steal, the one where they saved it back and Aaron ran it down. I thought we weren’t defending as well as we needed to but those extended the lead. Our post defense, especially in the first half, was not very good. I have to give them credit. They picked us apart. Green was like Jon Stockton with some of those passes out there. I don’t like the fact they were 57 percent for the game. I thought we were able to push up a little bit and get into them and force situations to turn it over a little bit.”

On the practices since Wisconsin
“You have to be careful at this stage of doing too much in terms of the quick turnaround. I think the message was we wanted to see how we were going to come back and respond to losing. I thought they did a good job. Michigan State is a very good basketball team. I told our guys we’re going to come in here and we’re going to do a good job.”

On the team without Sullinger
“I like this team because I think there’s balance. Four guys in double figures out of 71 points, I love that. It was an extremely physical game. I thought we did a good job of playing off of him even when he didn’t get the touches.”

On William Buford
“He was very down and focused going into the game. He had a good look in his eye. He made a couple shots early and got rolling. I think Will is a terrific player. The biggest thing tonight was his defense. I thought he did a great job defending and trailing screens. He was very active. I talked to him at halftime, but he looked pretty strong all the way through.”

On Jared Sullinger in foul trouble
“We need him to be as good as he can be obviously. I thought he did some pretty good things out there. He made a couple big-time defensive plays in positioning.”

On coming back from the loss
“I think for our guys, they’re such great kids you feel for them when they lose. There was a challenge tonight. I honestly wanted to see how they would respond. I thought they did a pretty good job of that.”

William Buford, junior guard
On halftime adjustments
“We didn’t bring it in the first half. We didn’t play with any intensity. But we came out in the second half and played together and picked it up.”

On rebounding from loss against Wisconsin
“We had a few intense practices between that game and this one. Tonight we just came out and played hard.”

Jared Sullinger, freshman center
On Michigan State’s defense
“They played really physical down low. They played close to the basket and made it tough down there. It was some great basketball on their part.”

On his statistical production
“I think on any given night, anyone can lead the team in scoring. That’s just how great I think this team is right now.”

Jon Diebler, senior guard
On Aaron Craft’s hustle play in the second half
“That was a heck of a play and a sign of someone wanting to win no matter what. Aaron doesn’t take plays off and that one led to a big bucket for us.”

On the game
“I think the key for us in the second half was just to get more stops. We were scoring fine on the offensive end. For us to be up at the half with the shooting percentage they had, it was incredible. In the second half we just got stops when we really needed them.”

Tom Izzo, Michigan State head coach
In his team’s performance
“We did just about everything I wanted to do except we turned over the ball and didn’t get to the free throw line. We did about as good of a job on Jared Sullinger as we could tonight. I’m most proud of our three big guys.”

On forward Delvon Roe’s toughness

“Delvon is a tough guy. He only played about eight minutes tonight but that’s eight more minutes than anybody in this room would have played. He’s just a unique kid. During the game I asked him to rate his pain on a scale of one to 10 and he was playing at around 15 the whole night. He practiced a little this week and just couldn’t do it.”

On his team’s post play
“Our high-low game was effective tonight and there are some positives there we can build from. We just have to find some ways to win games.”