COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 13th-ranked Ohio State rowing team’s First Varsity Four and Second Varsity Eight stole the show in four stunning performances at the Big Ten Double Dual Saturday on Lake Lemon in Bloomington, Ind.

The Buckeyes will retire their travel bags next weekend and embrace a refreshing change of pace as they host their first home regatta vs. Michigan, Michigan State and USC at noon April 18 on the Scioto River.

The regatta was split into morning and afternoon sessions. Ohio State’s Second and First Novice Eight warmed up the competition, completing their races in 7:38.3 and 7:26.9, respectively. Both boats fell just short to No. 10 Michigan. The Wolverines timed in at 7:32.5 and 7:11.9.

The Buckeyes’ Second Varsity Four took on Michigan State and Indiana, ultimately coming in second in 8:22.7 with a crew comprised of Katherine Tylinski, Kara Shropshire, Katie Coons, Farrah Edwards and MacKenzie Pecor. Coons, Edwards and Pecor were new to the 2V4 lineup this week.

The First Varsity Four of Stephanie Johnson, Kate Sweeney, Anniken Ellingsen, Ellen Heister and Samantha Getz raced to successfully beat Michigan in 8:03.8. The Wolverines timed in at 8:13.4.

The Second and First Varsity Eights consisted of a battle between the Buckeyes and Wolverines. Ohio State won the 2V8 race in 6:59.4, while Michigan prevailed in the 1V8 event in 6:53.0.

The morning session came to a close with Ohio State and Michigan differing by only one point, 33-32.

The Second Novice Eight – Kelley Drew, Kaitlin Maloney, Samantha Autry, Eileen Gehlhausen, Jessica Danker, Sarah Brad, Elizabeth Trentman, Christine McMillan and Katie Daniel – started the afternoon session off with a bang, dominating Michigan State by 5.7 seconds (7:28.3-7:34.0).

The Buckeyes’ First Novice Eight of Elise Mayo, Colleen Krajewski, Jessica Breig, Sam Fowle, Caroline Farrar, Leslie Weist, Sarah Cornish, Allison Elber and Kyrsten French followed in a neck-and-neck dual with the Spartans. Michigan State timed in first in 7:16.2, while Ohio State trailed by a small margin in 7:17.3.

The First Varsity Four and Second Varsity Eight kept the energy high as they continued the Buckeyes’ streak of power. Both boats timed in over Michigan State in 7:51.2 and 6:55.1, respectively.

The Second Varsity Eight topped Michigan State by four-tenths of a second in a heated battle. The resilient group – Jill Mohr, Tess Prescott, Claudia Schiwy, Emily Ralph, Mandy Merritt, Caroline McPherson, Lindsey Titus, Charlott Goldstein and Kristin DiJosie – clocked in at 6:55.1, while The Spartans followed in 6:55.5.

Ingrid Aasaaren, Katie Flarida, Emily Walsh, Sara Wallace, Erin Shropshire, Carolin Helmholz, Claudia Herpertz, Ulrike Denker and Erika Benford of the First Varsity Eight came up just short to close the regatta, finishing in 6:52.2 behind Michigan State, which had a time of 6:39.3.

The end result of the afternoon session placed Ohio State second behind Michigan State, 36-31.