COLUMBUS, Ohio – The 11th-ranked Ohio State rowing team faced Big Ten foes No. 15 Michigan and No.7 Michigan State on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir Saturday. The Buckeyes won six races on the day, including a sweep by the First Varsity Eight.
Ohio State will wrap up the regular season at 9 a.m. Sunday when it hosts Washington State. 
In the morning, the Buckeyes claimed four out of six races. The First Varsity Eight finished the opening session with an exciting race with a sprint to the finish. The Scarlet and Gray took an early lead in the first 500 meters only to fall behind Michigan State by two seats the next 1,250 meters. In the final 250 meters of the race, the Buckeyes pulled even to sprint to the finish, winning by a four-seat margin in a time of 6:34.9 over the Spartans’ time of 6:36.1. The 1V8 of Ellen Heister, Allison Elber, Claire-Louise Bode, Ulrike Denker, Claudia Herpertz, Carolin Helmholz, Claudia Schiwy and Emily Walsh were led by coxswain Erika Benford.
The First Novice Eight pulled out to an early lead over Michigan State and extended its advantage to four seats by the 1,000-meter mark. The 1N8 held strong and stayed ahead to finish the race at 7:11.2 with Michigan State finishing at 7:17.9.
After a tight race with Michigan State through the first 1,000 meters, the Second Varsity Four pulled in yet another victory. Beating Michigan State by 6.3 seconds with a time of 7:42.8, the 2V4 topped both the Spartans’ 7:49.1 and Wolverines’ 7:54.2. The 2V4 consists of Ashley Dzurnak, Lindsey Titus, Sarah Cornish, Katherine Tylinski and coxswain Kristin DiJosie.
Coxswain MacKenzie Pecor led the First Varsity Four of Jill Mohr, Emily Ralph, Stephanie Johnson and Kara Shropshire to the fourth victory of the morning. The team came across the finish line 11.1 seconds ahead of Michigan State. Ohio State finished in 7:38.7.
The Second Novice Eight fell to both Michigan and Michigan State with a time of 7:38.9. The Second Varsity Eight of Tess Prescott, Ingrid Aasaaren, Samantha Fowle, Mandy Merritt, Kate Sweeney, Anniken Ellingsen, Caroline McPherson and coxswain Samantha Getz also lost its race to Michigan State crossing the finish line at 7:00.5.
The second session began with a third-place finish by the Second Novice Eight. It was a tight race between the Buckeyes and Spartans for second as Michigan State held a slight lead in the last 250 meters. The Spartans (7:24.6) eventually prevailed, outdistancing the Buckeyes (7:26.4) by 1.8 seconds. Michigan won the race with a time of 7:12.7.
Next up, the First Novice Eight faced a tough Michigan crew that crossed the finish line in 6:59.7. Ohio State sounded the horn in 7:10.8.
The Second Varsity Four looked to remain undefeated on the day with its second-half race vs. Michigan and Michigan State and accomplished just that with its 7:32.2 winning time. The Spartans crossed the line 2.9-seconds later in 7:35.1 for second place. Rounding out the group were the Wolverines with a time of 7:40.7.
Michigan jumped out to a slim lead at the beginning of the First Varsity Four race and remained in front with an open-water advantage with 750 meters left. The Wolverines eventually prevailed, finishing in 7:23.3, while the Buckeyes crossed the line 2.8 seconds later at 7:26.1.
At the start of the Second Varsity Eight race, the Buckeyes and Wolverines were neck and neck as the wind began to pick up.  Michigan then took a two-seat advantage and the headwind began to become a challenge for the Scarlet and Gray. Consequently, Michigan broke into open water and finished the race in 6:50.4 compared to Ohio State’s 7:00.0.
En route to remaining undefeated, the First Varsity Eight was able to jump out to a five-seat lead during the early portion of the race. Despite the choppy conditions, the Buckeyes continued to build their lead, eventually to open water and won 6:52.3. Michigan finished 7:01.1.
vs. No. 15 Michigan, No. 7 Michigan State, No. 17 Washington State
April 23, 2011
Griggs Reservoir
Scioto River
Columbus, Ohio

First Session
Second Novice Eight
Michigan – 7:13.7
Michigan State – 7:29.2
Ohio State – 7:38.9
First Novice Eight
Michigan – 7:01.3
Washington State – 7:08.8
Ohio State – 7:11.2
Michigan State – 7:17.9
Second Varsity Four
Ohio State – 7:42.8
Michigan State – 7:49.1
Michigan – 7:54.2
First Varsity Four
Washington State – 7:42.7
Michigan – 7:47.4
Ohio State – 7:38.7
Michigan State – 7:49.8
Second Varsity Eight
Michigan – 6:43.1 
Washington State – 6:47.0
Michigan State – 6:51.0
Ohio State – 7:00.5
First Varsity Eight
Washington State – 6:37.6
Michigan – 6:40.8
Ohio State – 6:34.9
Michigan State – 6:36.1  
Second Session
Second Novice Eight
Michigan – 7:12.7
Michigan State – 7:24.6
Ohio State – 7:26.4
First Novice Eight
Washington State – 7:03.0
Michigan State – 7:17.4
Michigan – 6:59.7
Ohio State – 7:10.8 
Second Varsity Four
Ohio State – 7:32.2
Michigan State – 7:35.1
Michigan – 7:40.7
First Varsity Four
Washington State – 7:28.1
Michigan State – 7:45.9
Michigan – 7:23.3
Ohio State – 7:26.1
Second Varsity Eight
Michigan State – 6:45.8
Washington State – 6:50.0
Michigan – 6:50.4
Ohio State – 7:00.0
First Varsity Eight
Michigan State – 6:39.0
Washington State – 6:42.7
Ohio State – 6:52.3
Michigan – 7:01.1