April 30, 2022

No. 10 Buckeyes Finish Second in Three Races at Longhorn Invite


COLUMBUS, Ohio— No. 1 Texas took all four races involving the No. 10 Buckeyes Saturday at the Longhorn Invite in Austin.

Ohio State finished second in three of the four races ahead of No. 14 Virginia and No. 16 SMU. The Mustangs finished second in the second varsity eight race ahead of the No. 3 Buckeyes.

In the second varsity four race to begin the day for the Buckeyes, Ohio State trailed the Longhorns at the 1,000-meter mark by three seconds but closed the gap over the second half of the race. The Longhorns crossed the finished line just four tenths of a second ahead of the Buckeyes.

Texas pulled away over the final 1,000 meters in the first varsity four race to claim the win. Ohio State finished second at just over six seconds back.

In the second varsity eight race, the Buckeyes trailed at 1,000 meters by less than a second behind Texas and three-tenths of a second behind SMU. The Longhorns extended the lead to earn an eight second win over the No. 2 Mustangs and the No. 3 Buckeyes.

Texas cruised to a win in the first varsity eight race, winning by about 12 seconds. The battle was for second place where the Buckeyes held on to nose ahead of No. 3 SMU but a tenth of second.

The Big Ten Championships are next up for the Buckeyes May 15 in Indianapolis.

Longhorn Invite Results

10:48 a.m. (2v4)
1. Texas 7:08.335
2. Ohio State 7:08.725
3. SMU 7:16.656
4. Virginia 7:27.048
5. UCLA 7:53.243

2V4 (Ohio State Lineup)
S: Alaina Hawthorn
3-Liz Paul
2-Katie Clouse
B: Megan Murphy
C: Kaitlin Pang

11 a.m. (1V4)

1. Texas 7:01.229
2. Ohio State 7:07.206
3. Virginia 7:09.731
4. SMU 7:14.757
5. UCLA 7:38.346

1V4 (Ohio State Lineup)
S: Noah Fletcher
3-Svea Pichner
2-Kristen Devolve
B: Paige Wheeler
C: Charli Ulmer

11:12 a.m. (2V8)

  1. Texas 6:21.431
  2. SMU 6:29.672
  3. Ohio State 6:30.891
  4. Virginia 6:34.750
  5. UCLA 6:50.687

2V8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Divya Batchu
S: Grace Pabst
7-Emma Wilson
6-Pau Koster
5-Megan McNutt
4-Leandra Hogrefe
3-Gabrielle Schmidt
2-Katelyn Bartos
B: Morgan Zahner

11:24 a.m. (1V8)

  1. Texas 6:10.269
  2. Ohio State 6:22.353
  3. SMU 6:22.441
  4. Virginia 6:28.918
  5. UCLA 6:32.196

1V8 (Ohio State Lineup)
C: Katie Hinton
S: Anetta Kyridou
7-Maria Kyridou
6-Jessy Vermeer
5-Rachel DeWitte
4-Lexie Nothdurft
3-Natalie Chourova
2-Ollie Clotten
B: Tess Thompson


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