COLUMBUS, Ohio – It is a somewhat different lineup and obviously a new year, but the First Varsity Four continued its successful end of the season run from a year ago as it finished first in its race vs. No. 5 Brown and No. 8 Princeton Saturday afternoon on Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J. The regatta served as the 10th-ranked Buckeyes’ 2010 debut.

With two rowers, Anniken Ellingsen and Ellen Heister a part of that flourishing boat at the end of 2009, the crew definitely had winning experience on its side when Stephanie Johnson and Kate Sweeney joined the boat.  The group (7:55.6) clocked in an even two seconds before Brown (7:57.6), while Princeton finished in 7:58.1.

In the First Varsity Eight, there were many new faces, mostly the result of graduating seniors. With only three members of the 2009 1V8 that finished 10th at the NCAA championships remaining, the Buckeyes ushered in a new, yet resilient group. Returning to that NCAA First Varsity Eight is Ulrike Denker, Carolin Helmholz and Claudia Herpertz. The trio rowed with Ingrid Aasaaren, Erin Shropshire, Emily Walsh, Emily Ralph, Sara Wallace and Samantha Getz. Together, they finished in 6:55.0. The Tigers won the race in 6:38, followed by the Bears (6:41.2).

The 2V8 also had several new faces, but also some veterans in that particular boat to help lead the way. Returning from an eighth-place finish in the 2009 NCAA Championships, Tess Prescott, Caroline McPherson, Katie Flarida and Lindsey Titus are primed to make a successful run this season with the addition of Jill Mohr, Claudia Schiwy, Mandy Merritt, Charlott Goldstein and Kristin DiJosie. Collectively, the boat finished the 2,000 meters in 7:12.9. Brown clocked in at 7:01.9 and Princeton finished the race in 7:04.8.

Princeton and Brown did not race Second Varsity Fours. Instead the teams raced a Third or Fourth Varsity Eight (4V8). Ohio State’s 2V4, plus four novices competed against Browns’ 4V8, while the Buckeyes’ First Novice Eight raced both teams’ 3V8.

Finishing second in a time of 7:45.7, the “Third Varsity Four” outdistanced Princeton (7:54.0) by a little more than eight seconds. Brown clocked in at 7:36.4.

The Buckeye “Fourth Varsity Four” finished their race in 8:01.0, behind Brown’s 7:43.5. That group comprised MacKenzie Pecor, Farrah Edwards, Katie Coons, Kara Shropshire, Sarah Brad, Elizabeth Trentman, Kaitlin Maloney, Jessica Danker and Katherine Tylinski.

Up next for Ohio State is a trip to Charlottesville, Va., where it will race No. 3 Virginia and No. 12 Clemson April 3.