No. 1 Ohio State 87 (21-0, 8-0), No. 12 Purdue 64 (17-4, 6-2)                                                     
Value City Arena – Columbus, Ohio
January 25, 2011
Attendance: 17,556

Thad Matta, Ohio State Head Coach
On Ohio State’s performance tonight
“I liked our mental approach going into the game. Defense was the key and we did a good job of moving the ball inside and out tonight.”

On the 11-for-19 shooting performance
“When our shooters were shooting they had their feet set, and good passes to the shooters was key.”

On improvements from the Illinois game
“Coming out of the Illinois game, we weren’t as sharp offensively and defensively and going into this game that was our goal. I think we did a good job of improving over the past few days.”

On Aaron Craft
“He is unique for a freshman. He has toughness and will do whatever you ask him to do, but I was most impressed with his defense. He’s probably the best defender in college right now.”

Aaron Craft, freshman guard
On driving to the basket more
“We knew coming in that we had to attack in transition and get easy baskets. Anytime you can get baskets like that it’s good to see.”

On message this win sends to the country
“I think it’s a big message to send, I think Jared (Sullinger) is a great player but we have to put people around him that can make plays. I think that’s a big part of our team, that everyone can make baskets.”

William Buford, junior guard
On the feeling of the game
“We got good looks. We got the ball to (Jared) Sullinger and they doubled down. He made good passes and we knocked the shots down.”

On how big this game was
“This game was big; they were the only team that beat us last year.  We stepped up and were ready to play today.”

Jared Sullinger, freshman forward
On the game
“We played defense and had our offense connected to that defense. It was the first time we had both things clicking.”

On the intensity shown in the game
“We were all about defense at this point. We knew E’Twaun (Moore) and JaJuan Johnson would get their shots.  We just wanted to limit everyone else from getting good shots.”

On this win compared to others
“I think this is the best game we’ve played period. We played good defense and executed on offense.”

On the intensity of the game
“It’s a wonderful feeling, that’s me, I like to be intense, I like to yell and pound my chest, that’s intensity. We needed that tonight.”

On the mentality of the team
“One word attack, offensively and defensively. Practice has to be harder than the game, if you guys could see us in practice and how much we huff and puff. It’s great to come into the game and feel how easy it is to run.”

Matt Painter, Purdue head coach 
On matching Ohio State’s energy
“You can feed off of making shots. They were able to do that. They are a very good team. Ohio State has a lot of toughness, they have experience, and they are a good defensive team. They showed it tonight. They have a good six. Aaron Craft coming off the bench was good for them. Then you look at Deshaun [Thomas] and what he can do. They have a lot of talent and I’m impressed with their toughness. They were ready to play.”

On the early part of the game
“They were great. When that snow ball happens in the first half and you have that big guy [Sullinger] you can’t forget about him. They got it going today with Jared [Sullinger]. When they struggle or it gets close, they get it to Sullinger. When we get frustrated we shoot too many perimeter shots and we lose our patience.”

On looking for a third scorer on the team
“I haven’t put too much stock into it. I’ve put stock in everyone playing good defense. When you don’t do those things you’re not going to get too far. You’d like to have that next guy be a little bit more of a consistent scorer. That’s not the major issue, the major issue is competing. Ohio State did a great job.”

On the team’s energy
“It was lacking, but you can’t take anything from Ohio State, they were playing and ready to roll. How can you play with no energy against the number one team in the country? They stole our spirit.”