July 16, 1999

Three counselors with ties to Ohio State have co-authored a book designed to help student athletes make the transition from college to the world of work. The book, just published by Holcomb Hathaway Publishers (Scottsdale, Ariz.), is called Positive Transitions for Student Athletes: Life Skills for Transitions in Sport, College & Career. The book will help student athletes develop a game plan for succeeding in college and then, eventually, outside athletics, said Darin Meeker, co-author of the book and athletic counselor at Ohio State. “Student athletes face a unique set of challenges both during and after college,” Meeker said. “The identity of student athletes may be tied so closely to their role as athletes that they face difficult adjustments when they no longer can compete, whether due to injury, graduation or any other factor.” The book provides information and exercises to help student athletes explore career options, set achievable nonsports goals and plan for the future, Meeker said. Other co-authors are Christopher Stankovich and Todd Kays.

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Life Skills for Transitions in Sport, College & Career