NCAA CHAMPS Life Skills Program
Statement of Commitment to Service

To engage the student-athlete in service to his or her campus and surrounding communities.

The Ohio State CHAMPS Life Skills Program offers opportunities to student-athletes to participate in activities throughout Ohio State University and the greater-Columbus community. The focus of all community service events is to support student-athletes in their efforts to give back to the community, as well as provide opportunities to be leaders within the community in support of service.

Through the following SAAB commissions, a student-athlete can be involved in community service events in a number of ways. If you are interested and wish to participate in any event, please contact Tooti Snider or call (614)292-7088.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – Schools Commission
This committee provides a speakers’ bureau, which reaches out to the local educational committee to promote academic achievement. Student-athletes on this committee act as representatives of the university in sending a message of the importance education has in their lives. This group is involved with school tutoring, reading, and academic motivational speeches. The Windsor Academy program began in 2001. Each OSU varsity athletic team has “adopted” a classroom at Windsor and student-athletes make weekly visits to the classroom.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – Non-profit Fund Raising Commission
This committee designs and implements appropriate community volunteer and non-profit fund raising activities for the OSU and Central Ohio communities. Focus is on the student-athlete as a role model and provides the opportunity for the student-athlete to give back to the community which supports them. Specific programming includes working with “Toys for Tots” in the winter, a book drive in the spring, and participation in the “Life Through Sport” program.

NOTE: Community Service involvement activities arranged through the CHAMPS Life Skills Coordinator, Tooti Snider, must have prior written approval. This means, you must sign the Promotional Waiver to ensure compliance with NCAA Bylaw 12.5.1.