NCAA CHAMPS Life Skills Program
Statement of Commitment to Personal Development

To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills.

As student-athletes pursue their academic and athletic endeavors, a major focus of the CHAMPS Program is the development of the individual. This commitment promotes personal growth by providing education in the areas of decision-making, health, communication, and leadership. The CHAMPS Program focuses on the individual as a whole person and provides a system of balanced “life learning” opportunities that addresses the personal-development needs of student-athletes before and after their athletic eligibility is completed.

Below are opportunities offered by SASSO that facilitate personal development:

SASSO workshops address various individual and team needs. Coaches and/or team captains should contact the Life Skills Coordinator to schedule a team workshop. Student-athletes are required to attend one major program per quarter. Your SAAB rep and SASSO counselor will inform you of these events.

Buckeye Leadership & Team Training is an overnight leadership development and enhancement retreat. The retreat is open to any student-athlete on a first-come, first-serve basis. Several activities will take place on the retreat, including high ropes courses, team initiatives, and general leadership information sessions.

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SASSO offers two classes offered through the Department of Physical Activity & Educational Services (Edu Paes) that provide insight into issues affecting the academic, personal and professional development of today’s student-athletes. The classes are designed to prepare student-athletes for the transitions into the college environment, as well as out of college and sport and into the next step in an individual’s life.

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