NCAA CHAMPS Life Skills Program
Statement of Commitment to Career Development

To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals.

The career development process is just that…a process. You can’t wait until your junior year before you begin to figure out what you want to do with your life. The process needs to begin as soon as you get on campus.

Below is a calendar to help student-athletes begin their career development process:

You are adjusting to your new lifestyle and experiencing a lot of changes. Therefore you should strive to establish self-discipline, set your agenda for the year and manage your time wisely. Find out who and what resources are here to help you. This is how you will succeed at Ohio State.

Check out Edu Paes 263, a class designed to help you begin the process and ease your transition into college and the student-athlete experience at The Ohio State University.

What are your personal capabilities? Find this out and seek information about curriculum areas of major/minor study that fit your interests. Begin to evaluate your career opportunities that are related to your identified major(s) through networking.

This is the year to develop a career plan. It’s time to get organized! Visit your college career development office, compile letters of recommendations from professors and employers, and have the SASSO Life Skills Coordinator help you with a first draft of your resume. Attend Career Network Night! Summer jobs, internships, or Co-Ops related to your career interests are ways to gain real world experience.

Check out Edu Paes 315, a class designed to help you begin your move through career development and begin building the skills necessary for professional success.

This year you will need to work with someone in your college Career Development Office. Try to attend career days; target employers, and fine tune our job search skills. Update both letters of recommendation and your resume. Attend Career Network Night!

Click here for a list of Career Development Resources, or contact Tooti Snider for additional information or if you have any questions.