NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
Commitment Statements

The Ohio State University’s CHAMPS Life Skills Program is a “life skill” approach to providing support to all student-athletes. The philosophy of the program is to address the student-athlete as a whole person, not just as a student or athlete. During the college years, every student-athlete is confronted with a variety of developmental challenges. The program is designed to address these challenges. The CHAMPS program provides a well-rounded, multi-perspective program for all student-athletes to develop the skills necessary to lead successful, productive lives, and become leaders of, and contributors to life.

Ohio State’s CHAMPS Life Skills Program is committed to providing student-athletes a program that will enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience here at The Ohio State University.

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CHAMPS/Life Skills Program
Commitment Statements

Commitment to Academic Excellence
To support the academic progress of the student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation.

Commitment to Athletic Excellence
To build philosophical foundations for the development of athletic programs that are broad-based, equitable and dedicated to the well-being of the student-athlete.

Commitment to Personal Development
To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills.

Commitment to Career Development
To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals.

Commitment to Service
To engage the student-athlete in service to his or her campus and surrounding communities.

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