June 18, 2019

‘My Hometown’ – Laila Huric


Laila Huric | Milano, Italy
Senior | Synchronized Swimming

Q. What do you love most about your hometown?

A. The fashion week and Vogue night, all the shops are open 24 hours and everyone is awake all night.

Q. How do you describe your hometown in one word?

A. Fashion. Milano is the capital of fashion!

Q. What is your favorite memory from your hometown?

A. Having breakfast with my dad every Saturday morning in the same bar.

Q. What do you miss most about your hometown?

A. My family.

Q. How often do you go home?

A. Once a year.

Q. Does your family still live in your hometown and how long have they been living there?

A. Yes, they have been there since 1992.

Q. What is the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?

A. The lifestyle and night life.

Q. What is the most popular thing to do in your hometown?

A. Shopping.

Q. Is there anyone famous from your hometown?

A. Lots of celebrities.

Q. How has your hometown contributed to where you are today?

A. Milano has taught me to be independent and on time!

Q. What is the population of your hometown?

A. The population is 1.3 million people.

Q. What sport is popular in your hometown?

A. The most popular sport is soccer.

Q. How many kids attended your high school?

A. Approximately 1,000 students.

Q. Is there local food your hometown is known for?

A. “Cotoletta alla Milanese”. It’s basically breaded veal cutlets.

Q. What are your local sports teams?

A. There’s a lot of teams around Milano, but one of the most famous ones is A.C. Milan.

Q. Most prominent industry/line of work?

A. Versace, Prada and Armani are known everywhere in the world and they were founded in Milano.

Q. What do people from your hometown ask you?

A. If I’ll ever come back and if the U.S. is better than Italy. (Yes, it is)

Q. If you could have grown up somewhere else, would you have?

A. No, we have a saying “Milan l’é semper on gran Milan” (this is not Italian, it’s Milanese dialect) and it means “Milano is always that great Milano”.

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