June 27, 2019

‘My Hometown’ – Claire Nicholson


Claire Nicholson | Mt. Gilead, Ohio
Junior | Softball

Claire Nicholson is a rising junior on the softball team who hails from Mt. Gilead, Ohio. Mt. Gilead was established in 1832 and is the center of population of Ohio. Four sites in Mt. Gilead are listed on the National Register of Historic places: the floral hall at the county fairgrounds, Levering Hall, the Morrow County Courthouse and the James S. Trimble House.

Q. What do you love most about your hometown?

A. I love that my hometown has lots of farmland which keeps the houses far apart so you can see the cornfields.

Q. How do you describe your hometown in one word?

A. “Rural.”

Q. What is your favorite memory from your hometown?

A. My favorite memory from my hometown is showing pigs and lambs at the Morrow County Fair.

Q. What do you miss most about your hometown?

A. I miss being close to my family and the friends I grew up with.

Q. How often do you go home?

A. I go home about once every two weeks.

Q. Does your family still live in your hometown and how long have they been living there?

A. My family does still live in my hometown and they’ve been living there for about 20 years.

Q. What is the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?

A. The biggest difference between Columbus and Mt. Gilead is the difference in the number of people who live there and the amount of farmland.

Q. What is the most popular thing to do in your hometown?

A. The most popular thing to do in my hometown is to go hunting or fishing.

Q. Is there anyone famous from your hometown?

A. No, there isn’t anyone famous from Mt. Gilead.

Q. How has your hometown contributed to where you are today?

A. My hometown gave me the chance to start playing for my school’s T-ball team which helped me learn to love the game of softball. Without starting here, I don’t think I would have the opportunity that I do to play softball at Ohio State University.

Q. What is the population of your hometown?

A. The population is around 3,660, which is so small it’s technically called a village.

Q. What sport is popular in your hometown?

A. Track and cross country are the most popular sports in my hometown.

Q. How many kids attended your high school?

A. I went to a different high school than where I grew up but I graduated with 180 kids in my class.

Q. Is there local food your hometown is known for?

A. There’s a really good pizza shop called Purple Indian that is pretty well known.

Q. What are your local sports teams?

A. The local sports team is the Mount Gilead Indians.

Q. Most prominent industry/line of work?

A. The most prominent line of work is different factories in the surrounding towns.

Q. What do people from your hometown ask you?

A. People usually ask me what it’s like playing softball in college and how my family members are because my dad was originally from Mt. Gilead too, so we know a lot of people who live there as well.

Q. If you could have grown up somewhere else, would you have?

A. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else mostly because my grandparents live close to the farm I grew up on. I have plenty of great memories with my siblings and childhood friends on the farm and at other events that brought our town together.

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