July 2, 2019

‘My Hometown’ – Cai Martin


Cai Martin | Florence, N.J.
Sophomore | Women’s Lacrosse

Cai Martin is from Florence, N.J., home to many rail and highway corridors making it a major logistics hub for various corporations such as Amazon.

Q. What do you love most about your hometown?

A. I definitely appreciate the diversity of the landscape with a mix of rural and suburban areas, and the memories specific places hold.

Q. How do you describe your hometown in one word?

A. Synergistic.

Q. What is your favorite memory from your hometown?

A. Growing up playing lacrosse with some of my best friends.

Q. What do you miss most about your hometown?

A. The camaraderie of friends and neighbors.

Q. How often do you go home?

A. Almost any time I get the opportunity.

Q. Does your family still live in your hometown?

A. My family does not still live in my hometown.

Q. What is the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?

A. Columbus in terms of the surrounding campus area is definitely more urban, and things are within walking distance.

Q. What is the most popular thing to do in your hometown?

A. Go to the beach and/or get ice cream.

Q. Is there anyone famous from your hometown?

A. No.

Q. How has your hometown contributed to where you are today?

A. I was introduced to lacrosse as a child when I moved to my hometown, without it I likely would not be playing today.

Q. What is the population of your hometown?

A. Around 50,000 people.

Q. What sport is popular in your hometown?

A. Soccer.

Q. How many kids attended your high school?

A. Almost 2,000.

Q. Is there local food your hometown is known for?

A. No.

Q. What are your local sports teams?

A. Most people are New York Giants fans, though that isn’t local. So technically we don’t have local sports teams other than high school teams.

Q. Most prominent industry/line of work?

A. Probably public works, and careers involving first responders.

Q. What do people from your hometown ask you?

A. “How do you like Columbus?”

Q. If you could have grown up somewhere else, would you have?

A. Nope.

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