By Kendra Lee, Ohio State Athletic Communications


The first year in college is a time for freshmen to learn about many aspects of life. For OhioState’s Shawn Sangrey, the first year of college has been more than just adjusting to life on his own. It has become a time to learn how to handle responsibility and to keep up with a new level of volleyball.


“At first, it was weird living on my own,” Sangrey said. “But that is one thing I’m used to because if feels like home here. With volleyball, it’s faster, stronger and more competitive at this level and that is something I’ve really had to adjust to.”


Sangrey, from Columbia, Pa., played four years of volleyball at HempfieldHigh school, was on the 2006 and 2007 state championship teams and was a three-time all-state selection. Sangrey also experienced success with his club team, leading it to a regional championship. The success and guidance he had in high school has helped Sangrey make the transition to the collegiate level.


“My high school coaches and all the experiences I had throughout high school really helped me prepare for this,” Sangrey said. “My coaches gave me great advice growing up and they prepared me very well to play here at OhioState.”


Now with his first season in full swing, Sangrey is proving he has ability to be successful at competitive collegiate volleyball. He has started eight of the team’s 10 games and is fourth on the team in total kills with 69. He recorded a career-high 14 kills on two occasions and leads the team in serve reception percentage (.963).


Although he has had many great moments so far at OhioState, he still understands there is much more to learn and that he has a lot to bring to this team.


“Being a team player is definitely the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far,” Sangrey said. “Coming to OhioState, everyone in the gym is good and I’m learning how to better contribute my skills and play as a part of a team.”


“One thing I know I bring to this team is a positive attitude,” Sangrey added. “I try to bring others up when we are playing down.”


With the help of his team and coaches and his drive to become a better player, Sangrey is on his way to becoming a great contributor to OhioState’s success this year and the years to come. That success is something Sangrey is looking forward to.


“I’m really excited for the great competition this team will be facing over the next four years,” Sangrey said. “I want to get better in every aspect of the game and help this team win a lot of matches while I’m here.”