April 5, 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio Nora Murer, a senior marketing major at Ohio State’s Max M. Fisher College of Business and member of the field hockey team, earned a top finish at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum for her project on how individual differences among college students affected their spending and saving habits.

“It was a great experience,” said Murer, whose project was best in the business, education and speech and hearing science category. “The project really helped me understand even more marketing principles. I really like consumer behavior fields, and this project helped me learn a lot about that topic.”

Working with Shashi Matta, her thesis advisor and marketing faculty member at Fisher, Murer found that self-esteem and propensity for social comparison (comparing oneself financially to peers) are linked to spending and saving habits. For example, those with high self-esteem and a low propensity to compare themselves to their peers financially reported the healthiest balance between spending and saving habits. On the other hand, those with high self-esteem and a high propensity to compare themselves to their peers financially reported the least healthy balance.

Said Matta, “Nora embodies the essence of being a Fisher undergraduate student by going beyond. She is a successful student athlete who has played for her university and her country, an excellent student and a strong researcher. Her thesis examines an important business and policy issue – understanding what affects college students’ spending and saving behavior, and how to encourage healthy monetary habits.”

Murer will graduate in May and plans to attend graduate business school in her native Switzerland.