Columbus, Ohio – The No. 1 Ohio State men’s tennis team started the 2009 dual season winning its first two matches, 7-0, over Butler and Xavier Wednesday at The Ohio State University Varsity Tennis Center. The Buckeyes improve to 19-0 on the opening day of the season under tenth-year head coach Ty Tucker. The two home wins also extend the Ohio State home win streak to 75-consecutive matches dating back to the 2003 season.

Ohio State moves to 10-0 all-time against Butler and owns a perfect 21-0 all-time ledger against the Horizon League. The Scarlet and Gray are now 7-0 all-time against Xavier and hold a 15-3 all-time record against teams from the Atlantic 10.

Ohio State started each game by claiming the doubles point.

In doubles action against Butler, No. 11 Balazs Novak and Steven Moneke defeated Zach Ervin and Stephen McLoughlin in the No. 2 spot, 8-0, to kick start the Buckeyes’ momentum. In No. 1 doubles, sophomores Matt Allare and Shuhei Uzawa sealed the doubles point for the Scarlet and Gray with an 8-3 victory against Butler’s Chris Herron and Bryce Warren.

In singles, No. 38 Novak improved his overall singles record to 8-3 after defeating Ervin 6-0, 6-2 at the No. 5 spot. Allare downed Butler’s Brandon Bayliss 6-1, 6-4 at No. 4 singles to give the Buckeyes an early 3-0 advantage over the Bulldogs. Soon after, No. 77 Uzawa took down Herron at No. 3 singles in two matches 6-3, 6-1 to give the Buckeyes their first dual win of the season.

No. 11 Novak and Moneke claimed the first doubles match against Xavier by beating Ra’ees Ismail and J.T. Torbeck 8-0 in the No. 2 doubles spot. O’Connell and Uzawa downed Bobby Deye and Brian Starr 8-2 to capture the doubles point for the Buckeyes in the No. 3 spot.

In singles against Xavier, No. 6 Justin Kronauge posted the Buckeyes’ first singles point after winning 6-1, 6-2 in the No. 2 spot. Kronauge now has an overall singles record of 13-3 on the season. Minutes later, Uzawa finished off his second singles match of the day, defeating Ismail 6-0, 6-1 and giving the Buckeyes the early 3-0 lead over the Musketeers. At the No. 5 spot, Allare defeated Deye 6-4, 6-1 to seal the Buckeyes’ second win of the day.

“It’s nice to start off with two teams that compete well in their conference,” Tucker said. “We did a good job. It was nice to see Shuhei come out and play singles and doubles after being injured in the fall. That’s what we want out of our guys and there are still guys who need to get back in competitive play. I think after two or three matches we will be a tough team to mess with this season.”                          

The Buckeyes will next travel to No. 34 Washington Sunday for a 3 p.m. match.

No. 1 Ohio State 7, Butler 0

1. No. 6 Justin Kronauge (Ohio State) def. Ben Raynauld (Butler) 6-3, 6-3
2. No. 3 Steven Moneke (Ohio State) def. Bryce Warren (Butler) 6-1, 6-1
3. No. 77 Shuhei Uzawa (Ohio State) def. Chris Herron (Butler) 6-3, 6-1
4. Matt Allare (Ohio State) def. Brandon Bayliss (Butler) 6-1, 6-4
5. No. 38 Balazs Novak (Ohio State) def. Zach Ervin (Butler) 6-0, 6-2
6. Ty Schaub (Ohio State) def. Stephen McLoughlin (Butler) 6-0, 6-3
Order of Finish: 5, 4, 3, 6, 1, 2

1. Matt Allare/Justin Kronauge (Ohio State) def. Chris Herron/Bryce Warren (Butler) – 8-3
2. No. 11 Balazs Novak/Steven Moneke (Ohio State) def. Zach Ervin/Stephen McLoughlin (Butler) – 8-0
3. Mike O’Connell/Shuhei Uzawa (Ohio State) def. Ben Raynauld/Lenz Theodor (Butler) – 8-4
Order of Finish: 2, 1, 3

No. 1 Ohio State 7,  Xavier 0
1. No. 3 Steven Moneke (Ohio State) def. Doug Matthews (Xavier) – 6-1, 6-1
2. No. 6 Justin Kronauge (Ohio State) def. Chris Herrlinger (Xavier) – 6-1, 6-2
3. No. 77 Shuhei Uzawa (Ohio State) def. Ra’ees Ismail (Xavier) – 6-0, 6-1
4. No. 38 Balazs Novak (Ohio State) def. Richard Canelas (Xavier) – 6-1, 6-2
5. Matt Allare (Ohio State)  def. Bobby Deye (Xavier) – 6-4, 6-1
6. Steven Williams (Ohio State) def. J.T. Torbeck (Xavier) – 6-4,  7-6 (7-4)
Order of Finish: 2, 3, 5, 4, 1, 6

1. Matt Allare/Justin Kronauge (Ohio State) def. Chris Herrlinger/Doug Matthews (Xavier) 8-7 (7-4)
2. No. 11 Steven Moneke/Balazs Novak def. (Ohio State) Ra’ees Ismail/J.T. Torbeck (Xavier) 8-0
3. Shuhei Uzawa/Mike O’Connell (Ohio State) def. Bobby Deye/Brian Starr 8-2
Order of Finish: 2, 3, 1