From – Feb. 13, 2009

Welcome to The Show! On Friday, we’ll have two guests stopping by to chat about the start of the 2009 college lacrosse season. Ohio State’s Scott Matthews and Joel Dalgarno will stop by to take your questions on the early part of the season. The Buckeyes play Navy on Saturday in Annapolis, Md. Send your questions now and join Inside Lacrosse Friday at 1 p.m. ET. 

Jon Brand: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the first edition of our 2009 IL/ chat. This week it’s Joel Dalgarno and Scott Matthews from Ohio State, who are en route by bus to Annapolis as we chat…
GMan: You guys probably travel more than most teams do. What’s the best movie/music/way to occupy your time while on the road?

Joel Dalgarno: The best way to keep occupied would be by playing cards or watching movies. We currently have Defiance in right now. Go to for me would have to be Slapshot, though. 
Jon Brand: Hey guys, we just got underway…feel free to leave questions for the guys…
The Mania (Peterborough, Ont.): Joel, thoughts on Team Canada in ’10?

Joel Dalgarno: I believe it’s in Manchester, England this year and I’d be happy to try out. There are a lot of great players out there.
Rich (Virginia Beach, Va.): Who is the biggest surprise this year, and why? I’ve heard one of your D-Middies from last year has really stepped up at the face off x this fall.

Scott Matthews: That has to be Dan Bain coming out. He’s gotten bigger and stronger, is coming out of his shell. He’s facing off, d middie, transition, doing everything for us.
Jaron (Midwest): What was it like playing a first year team in Detroit Mercy? Do you guys see the Division I landscape changing with the addition of more of these teams?

Scott Matthews: You definitely see it changing. It’s not the first time I’ve done that, though. When I was a sophomore, we played Wagner, who was expanding right then. It’s crazy how the sport has grown in the past few years. When I was a freshman, Robert Morris had just started a team, now they’re a tough competitor of ours. It’s really growing.
Jackson (Vancouver, British Columbia): In the last six years the Buckeye Lacrosse program has recruited quite a few players from your home province of British Columbia. What do you think the reason for this is and have you had a role in recruiting in the last 3 years?

Joel Dalgarno: I think Canadian box players fit in nicely in the American league with their unique style of play. I know a lot of kids back home because it’s a pretty tight knit community. I definitely try to tell people as much as possible about Ohio State lacrosse.
Ron (New York): Mr. Dalgarno, I hope you have another great season. How difficult was it for a Canadian to adjust to coming to the U.S. and playing in Ohio?

Joel Dalgarno: I know a lot of us try not to adjust too much and just play our game. Going against long pole is definitely a match up you have to get used to. Shooting on the bigger net leaves a lot more open, too.
Vinny (Long Beach, New York): Joel, how did you become such a great shooter? Do you have any drills or tips for being accurate and shootig hard at the same time? I am accurate, but I have trouble being accurate when shooting hard, I always pull it.

Joel Dalgarno: I work with Coach Myers on a daily basis on my shooting. Repetition is the thing. The more you practice, the better you will be. If you feel that you’re pulling, loosen up the whip. That might help with your accuracy.
JB (Columbus): Guys- Generally speaking, what do you think is your team’s biggest strenth? Also, any particular areas the squad needs to improve?

Scott Matthews: Our biggest strength, as it was last year, is our ability to push transition. We’re very deep. All of our middies can go both ways and push transition and our attack can finish it.  Something we’re trying to work on is trying to commit fewer fouls…doing those little mental things…we work on that every day in practice with Coach Myers.
Bob Shriver: Scott-good luck this year-all of boy’s latin is rooting for you

Scott Matthews: Thanks, coach.
B, (PA): Hey guys, just curious- What’s a regular day of practice like for you, and what’s the general atmosphere like around the team here early in the season?

Scott Matthews: General day of practice. Every day we wake up and practice at 7 a.m. We’re focused and in the locker room at 7 a.m. The biggest thing is the intensity…starts with Coach Myers and trickles down to everyone on the team. We’re on the field by 7:15 every morning.
Bobby (Columbus): What do you think about the game this weekend? Are you guys going to take it to Navy and get Coach Meyers first big W as a head coach?

Scott Matthews: We’re taking this game as another on our schedule right now. We’ve been focused on this game for the past week and we know that Navy is a good team and so are we. We’re looking forward to going in there and playing a great game. We’re excited because last year we lost in overtime.
Patrick Campbell : Joel I hear you have great dance moves, however I want to know, who is the best dancer on The Ohio State Lacrosse team?

Joel Dalgarno: The best dancer on the team would have to be Keith Lovett. Keith Lovett has unreal fist pumps. He’s second best to me, though.
Serena Chonng (Annapolis, MD): This question is for joel dalgarno: Nick Myers started as a volunteer coach for the buckeyes in 2002 and 2003. Do you think coaching is something you are interested in and how has the transition been as Nick moved up from top assistant to head coach?

Joel Dalgarno: You know, I have considered coaching. I have a great deal of passion for lacrosse and any way that I could be involved with the sport would be awesome. The transition to Coach Myers has been great. He brings intensity and a passion to lacrosse. We emulate that when we play. We couldn’t be happier with the situation when we play.

Joel Dalgarno: Thanks to all the fans for the questions, hope to see you guys at the Buckeyes’ games in the ’09 season.
Jon Brand: Hey everyone, thanks so much for coming out to chat today. Scott and Joel did a great job and we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s game against Navy.