November 7, 2021

Miles Weiss Wins Gold to Lead Buckeyes at Penn State


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Freshman Miles Weiss was the men’s epee champion at the Garret Open hosted by Penn State in University Park, Pa., to lead the Ohio State men’s fencing squad.

Edriss Ndiaye placed sixth to lead the foil Buckeyes and Nolan Williams tied for third in sabre to lead the Ohio State squad.

Men’s Foil
Edriss Ndiaye and James Flanagan both reached the Table of 16, with Ndiaye finishing sixth to lead all Buckeyes. The Buckeye sophomore won his first bout 15-8 before a 15-13 victory over his teammate Flanagan. Ndiaye fell to the No. 1 seed, Joon Paik of Columbia, in the quarterfinals. Flanagan faced another teammate, David Ouellette, in the first round, winning by one touch, 15-14.

6. Edriss Ndiaye
15. James Flanagan
17. Diego Cervantes
19. David Ouellette
30. Justin Vogler
34. Will Gaziano
35t. Jacob Gordon

Men’s Epee
Freshman Miles Weiss won gold and Paul Veltrup, his classmate, tied for third, with Matthew Comes fifth and Henry Lange sixth. Bence Bende (14th) and Maxwell Rodney (16th) also finished in the Top 16.

Weiss was the 16 seed and won his first bout, 15-8, before defeating Alan Temiryaev of Columbia, a No. 1 seed, 15-11. The rookie prevailed over his teammate Lange in the quarterfinals, 15-6, followed by a 15-5 win in the semifinals. In the championships bout, Weiss was a 15-11 winner over Columbia’s Justin Haddad.

Veltrup, a No. 1 seed, had his first round opponent withdraw and then defeated two Buckeyes – Bende, 13-8, and Comes, 15-10. In the semifinals, Veltrup fell to Haddad, 15-12. Comes was a 15-10 victor in the Table of 32.

1. Miles Weiss
3t. Paul Veltrup
5. Matthew Comes
6. Henry Lange
14. Bence Bende
16. Maxwell Rodney
19. Kinley Lavenstein
24. Gabriel Feinberg
30. Anitya Kumar
35. Clark Kokenge
41. Wesley Lee

Men’s Sabre
Nolan Williams led the men’s sabre squad, reaching the semifinals and finishing tied for third. The sophomore was a No. 2 seed and posted a 15-11 first-round victory and a 15-9 win in the quarterfinals before he fell to North Carolina’s Beni Rabinowitz, 15-12.

Stephen Chou faced the No. 1 seed in his first bout, winning 15-12, but then lost in the Table of 8, 15-11, and finished eighth. Vincent Haney (13th) and Roscoe Swartz (16th) also finished in the Top 16.

3t. Nolan Williams
8. Stephen Chou
13. Vincent Haney
16. Roscoe Swartz
18. Shanvanth Arnipalli
23. Jadon Montgomery

Up Next
• Ohio State will host the Elite Invitational Duals Dec. 4-5 in French Field House in Columbus to wrap up collegiate competitions for this calendar year.
• The squad will travel to St. John’s Jan. 22, UPenn Jan. 23 and Northwestern Feb. 5-6 for dual meets before postseason competition begins.