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Bryant Browning, senior offensive lineman
On beginning to prepare for the Michigan Game
“Right when we finished the Iowa game we started talking about Michigan. I feel Coach Tressel does a great job of keeping that game in our minds – how big it is, how it is the game here and the rivalry of this game. You never want to look down on any of the other opponents, but at Ohio State, the Michigan game is the game. Now we can focus on them and when it’s time for it be ready to play.”

On the emotions of the game and running out
“It’s definitely going to be a bittersweet moment. I really had a great time here. It’s our last time to play in the ‘Shoe and it’s really going to be an emotional moment.”

On his most memorable moment at Ohio Stadium
“I would have to say the Michigan-Ohio State game as a true freshman. The ’06 game when it was No. 1 and No. 2. It was a real big game with the national championship game riding on it. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

On getting to have the Michigan game as senior day
“Every other year it flips back and forth. Luckily for me my senior year it’s at home. I get to run out of the tunnel of pride. It’ll be a real big moment.”

Dane Sanzenbacher, senior wide receiver
On the importance Tressel puts on this game
“I think he’s put such an emphasis on the game with himself relaying it to the team and making sure everyone knows it’s bigger than a game. Throughout the season it’s always on our minds.”

On the difference on this week as opposed to other weeks
“I think it’s actually a lot different and heightened as well. Not in the sense that we didn’t want to prepare hard for the other games, but there’s so much more that goes into this week. We met with the band last night and we have other people coming in to talk to us. This year with Thanksgiving falling into this week, the practice schedule changes a little bit. I think everyone is just a little bit more excited. I think we always tend to have a healthy mix.”

On continuing the streak
“I think there’s been pressure every year. It’s something that comes with it. Nobody wants to be the team that breaks the streak. That’s obvious. Not saying the streak is the only thing motivating us to do well. It’s senior day. It’s our last chance to play in the stadium.

Devin Barclay, senior kicker
On the importance of these four years
“Every single game I’ll always remember the specifics of the game and what role I played in it, whether we won or lost. I’ve gotten to see a lot of areas I would have never seen. I never would have gone to Iowa. Really every side of it has been really enjoyable.”

On Michigan week
“There are signs everywhere.  They go overboard with the stuff that goes on the walls so everybody knows. They want make sure we really realize the importance of the game. It’s our biggest rivalry in sports. When Tress came in, he really put an emphasis on this game. Some coaches before said it was just another game, but that’s not the situation with Tressel. We know it’s the game of the season and we want to win.”

On the rivalry
“This program and the program up in Michigan have that intense rivalry. I don’t want to use the word hate – but it’s just so competitive. There’s going to be no love lost between the two teams.  It’s going to be them looking to ruin our season and finish on a win and a high note.”

On his final kick
“It’s going to be crazy. I’m sure very emotional. My parents will probably be there.  My mom will probably will be real emotional. They get to go out on the field and be a part of it. It should be real cool.”

Cameron Heyward, senior defensive tackle
On the stakes riding on this game
“A lot. A share of the Big Ten title and our biggest rival. I don’t think it’s pressure. I think both teams have a lot riding on the game. You just don’t want to go 365 days letting your school and your team down.”

On the intensity of the rivalry
“I think as you come in as a freshman you know what you’re getting yourself into. The Michigan rivalry is one of the greatest and coming here you know what you are coming to. I think just as a recruit you start to notice it. All the great traditions you see walking around. The experience of the gold pants and just the chance to go out there and play for your school. It’s a great rivalry. If you don’t know it you are missing out.”

On Coach Bruce’s speech
“Coach Bruce has been through a lot of Ohio State-Michigan games and he definitely knows what it takes to win this game.”

On the emotions of the game
“It’s senior day. Michigan is always going to play their best against us. We wouldn’t have it any other way to go out against a quality opponent. It’ll be a rough one, but we’re ready for it.”

Brian Rolle, senior linebacker
On the pressure to win this week
“We know there’s always pressure to beat Michigan because it’s a big game here. The streak is a lot of pressure. I don’t want to be that team when people look back and say ‘remember when we had that five or six-game win streak and we lost’? But we don’t focus on that. We’re focusing on getting better today and then tomorrow and by Saturday go out and dominate.”

On making history for Ohio State football
“You can sense it around here. Coaches talk about it a little bit. Being a senior you know about it, we’ve won a Big Ten championship every year I’ve been here. You can obviously feel it around here with all the older guys.”

On performance at Iowa
“After the game I said to myself it feels good to know I played one of my best games I’ve played since I’ve been here.  It was a fun game. It went down to the wire. Everyone told me I played that well because it was my birthday, but I just felt like going on the road it was needed that seniors step up and play well and I did that. Myself as a captain, I felt obligated to do my best and that’s what I did.”

Ross Homan, senior linebacker
On going down in history as a great linebacker
“It’s a great honor to play at this university, especially at this position.  It is kind of crazy and something I’ll cherish and tell my kids about.”

On the improvement of Michigan’s offense
“Unbelievable. If you watch it on film their offense is unbelievable. It’s one of the best in the country.”

On the emotions of this game
“It will probably be a little emotional. To see my mom and dad out there, but I’ll probably be more focused on the game”

On playing the last game with his brother

“It’ll be a moment last time paying with him. We got to play together in high school and college. It’ll be a good thing playing together one last time.”