Dec. 1, 2016

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — For the second straight year, the Ohio State baseball team tested their mettle in competitions of strength and athleticism led by fifth-year strength and conditioning coach Dean Hansen. This year, four teams led by Adam Niemeyer, Joe Stoll, Shea Murray and Jalen Washington duked it out over six events to determine the winner at French Field House. The events in the competition were; max vertical leap, 20-meter shuttle, max pull-ups, an endurance plate grip, 1,500-meter relay, 1,000-meter sled relay and a tug of war. In the end, six events were not enough to determine the winner as Team Niemeyer and Team Murray ended the competition tied. The champion was then determined on a winner-take-all 400-meter prowler race. In the end it was Team Niemeyer who prevailed, although, in the eyes of Hansen everyone who participated was a winner.

We mic’d up Hansen during the nightcap competition. To watch the video feature, click above and his q&A is below.

Team Nemo led by Adam Niemeyer won the 2016 Midnight Lift

Q: What can you tell us about the Midnight Lift?
A: “(It is called the Midnight Lift, but it actually takes place at 10 p.m. due to NCAA rules.) It’s just a chance for the guys to get in one last competition before they go home for Thanksgiving break. We compete against each other all fall and have been lifting really hard the last four or five weeks so this is a great chance for the guys to come out and compete again in a completely different way.”

Q: What did you accomplish tonight with this event?
A: “The theme of the whole fall has been competition and that is what you saw tonight; guys getting out and getting after each other, competing to see what they had in them.”

Q: Can you take us through the ending of the competition?
A: “Last year was an absolute blowout so it was good to see this year that three of the four teams could’ve won it with the last event. We didn’t really plan for a tie so before the last event we had to huddle up and decide what to do in the event of a tie just in case. It ended up coming down to a tiebreaker and a little more work for the boys, and that’s alright.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the team’s progress this fall?
A: “I am absolutely impressed, just seeing the way they’re competing and the way they’re fighting. Seeing the young guys improve and the way the older guys have brought the young guys along has been huge and that is the biggest thing for me. Keeping everyone together and having a team that cares about each other and fights for each other; on the field, in the weight room or whatever it is.”

Vertical Jump
Lyon – 34.5
Gantt – 34.5
Stoll – 34
Romans – 33.5
Nemo – 33.5
Murray  – 33.5
Washington – 33.5

Washington – 25
Carpenter – 23
Pavlopoulos – 20
Stoll – 20
Michalik – 20
Murray – 20
Romans – 19 
Lyon – 19
Cowles – 19

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