COLUMBUS, Ohio Hunter Bishop, a sophomore forward on the Ohio State men’s hockey team, held an online chat on to answer fans’ questions Thursday. Read a full transcript of the chat below.

Bishop is second on the team with 12 goals this season and has 23 points. In addition, Bishop has a CCHA-best +22 rating. Last weekend, the native of Fairbanks, Alaska, posted an extra attacker goal vs. Michigan State, the first Buckeye extra attacker goal since Kyle Reed’s goal March 8, 2008 at Northern Michigan. His tally with 11 seconds left in regulation tied the game at 1-all and forced overtime.  

Welcome to Hunter’s chat. Please post your questions for him here and Hunter will start answering them at 2 p.m. Thursday.  

Hunter is here so we will go ahead and begin.

Buckeye Bob: Toledo:  

What has been the toughest part of playing Division I hockey? Is the game a lot faster than you expected? With your sister on the women’s team does she ask you for a lot of advice about the game?


The toughest part to playing DI hockey is the speed and the systems. In Juniors, you have a bit of a longer of a leash as to what you can and can’t do. The college game is definitely much faster.

Ken :Toledo:  

Coming off the tough weekend vs. Michigan State, what was practice like this week?


Practice was really intense. Coaches have stepped it up a notch and so have we. This is a really big weekend for our hockey team and we are ready.

Casey: Ohio:  

How much do they talk up the Michigan game with you? Obviously, your biggest rival is Miami, but do you get excited with Michigan as well? GO BUCKS!


To be honest, I didn’t realize there was rivalry between Ohio State and Miami until I got here. I’ve always known about the one with Michigan though.

Richard Nash: Columbus, Ohio:  

On the women’s ice hockey team, in your opinion, who has pretty hair, your sister Teal or Morgan Marziali?


They both have bowl cuts…Just kidding! Unfair question because one is my sister!

Jose :Mexico City, MX:  

Who is your favorite roommate to have on the road? Are you predictable?


Boots is by far the coolest roommate…and no I am not predictable!

Rae: Columbus, OH:  

Hunter, have you considered modeling?


I love this question…but my blue steel look is just not quite ready.

Rachel: Plain City, OH:  

Your superstitious rituals are becoming well known. Do you stick to any of them in the offseason or do you allow yourself to sit back and relax?


I do not carry any of my rituals into the offseason. I need the time to relax.

Suzie: Columbus:  

What teammate do you have the most respect for?


Zach Pelletier – He came back from a really tough injury and has been a leader to our team.

Rachel: Columbus:  

Who would you consider to be your biggest fan since you have been playing here at Ohio State?


My athletic trainer Jeff Deits … he’s a beauty.

Steve: Paulding:  

What is the scar on your neck from? Is it from a hockey injury?


Well if you must know. I think everyone knows the game jacks (where you throw a ball down and grab the toy jacks). When I was young, I had an underdeveloped esophagus tube with gaps in it. When I was three I swallowed a jack, and it had been in the side of my neck until last year in Vernon where I played juniors. The team doctor cut it out for me but a piece of the jack was stuck in muscle tissue, so he left a piece in there. That’s what the bump is.

Greg: Columbus, Ohio:  

What would you say your team’s biggest strength is this season?


Our biggest strength is our team camaraderie. We are really tight-knit group and it’s going to take us a long way.

Laura: Cincinnati :  

Who is the best dancer on the team?


Kyle Reed … style and flow

Steve: Columbus:  

Where is your favorite place to hang out on Campus?


Our locker room and the RPAC because I love the  food they serve.

Mom: Puerto Vallarta:  

Hi Hunter, what is the most important thing you do to get ready for a game?


The most important thing for me is a solid pre-game meal, and a short nap. Love you mom!

Todd: Columbus:  

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to hockey?


I only have a routine … no superstitions.

Todd: Columbus:  

You had quite a goal streak going, any idea how to get another one going?


Trust me, I’m trying!

Marco: Columbus:  

Who has been the toughest player this year to play against?


The goalie from Michigan State.

Mike: Columbus:  

How do you feel about making the transfer to Ohio State from North Dakota? What is the biggest difference?


The transfer has been awesome! The only thing I will complain about is not all my credits transferred over. Other than that, I love it here. The major difference is the school is so much bigger. Also the school spirit is stronger.