COLUMBUS, Ohio Corey Elkins, a senior forward on the Ohio State men’s hockey team, held a live online chat Thursday on, sharing his thoughts on Buckeye hockey, the NHL and his favorite vacation spot. Read a full transcript of the chat below.

Elkins, a native of West Bloomfield, Mich., is tied for the team lead with a career-high 26 points, including a career-best 10 goals and 16 assists as Ohio State enter a two-game home series vs. Western Michigan. The senior recorded his sixth multiple-point game of the year vs. Ferris State Friday with a goal and an assist. He has at least one point in 18 games this season and has not gone more than one game without a point.  

Corey is here so we will go ahead and begin.

Dan: Worthington:  

Why can they eliminate fighting at the collegiate level but not at the pro level in hockey? Do you think the NHL encourages it?


I would guess it is because the NCAA has a lot of strict rules for the safety of its student-athletes. Another example is the fact that we have to wear a full face shield while in junior hockey and NHL we could wear a visor. I don’t think the majority of people want to remove fighting from the NHL. Fighting is a big part of the pro game and it will likely stay that way.

Dwayne: Kitchener, ON:  

Hi Corey! I’m a HUGE fan and I think you are so great! I always have wondered, if you weren’t playing hockey, what other sport or career would you go into?


If it weren’t playing hockey, I think I would want to be a sales representative for EMC, I hear it’s really interesting and a lot of fun. Or I’d be a navy seal.

Respusha:Bedford, MA:  

What’s the best prank you have seen from you or some of your teammates in the four years you have been at OSU?


There was a two year on-going prank by Sean Collins and Kenny Bernard on Andrew Schembri. They would call him using a soundboard on the internet and act like they were a girl who was after Andrew. I listened in on a few of those calls. It was pretty funny.

Norbit:Livonia, MI:  

Who’s your favorite Red Wing Alumni?


I have always been a fan of Dwight Foster. Even though he was a bit soft, I liked the way he played.

Ben :Michigan:  

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?


I really want to go to Australia and Greece. But of the places I have been to already, Mexico was really nice.

Dan: Worthington:  

Two former Buckeyes that played at OSU together, the Canucks Ryan Kessler, and Blue Jackets RJ Umberger, hate each other. Is there generally animosity on the OSU team?


I was unaware of that. As far as our team goes, there is definitely nothing like that. This is the closest team I have been a part of in a very long time.

Jen M.:Plymouth:  

Corey, you have had an amazing season so far. What has been your secret this year to being so successful at a personal level, as well as a team?


I think this year I have just gotten more opportunity to play and be creative. I have tried to be more physical and I think that has helped create space for me on the ice. My line has good chemistry and we are able to find each other a lot. Our team overall has better chemistry this year and everyone is hungry to win hockey games.

Alex: Commerce Twp.:  

What has been your best memory as a Buckeye in the past four years?


To pick out a single memory right now is tough. I think the best memories in general are in the locker room right after a win. Hopefully, I will be able to say my best memory is a championship after this season.  

That’s it for Corey. Thanks for all the questions.