Chris Reed, a sophomore defenseman of the Ohio State men’s hockey team, blogged from the team’s trip to face instate foe Bowling Green this weekend. The Buckeyes won 8-5 Friday night and then won 4-3 in overtime Saturday. The team returns to action this weekend at Ferris State and will be back in Columbus Jan. 23-24 vs. Western Michigan.

Saturday (post game)
Tonight’s game was a real battle. Bowling Green came out flying in hopes of getting back the two points we had taken from them the night before. It was a highly physical game and it showed on every play how important the win would be for each team. We ended up battling through and getting the win halfway through the overtime which gives us a lot confidence in the future for those close games. Right after the game, I was able to briefly talk to my parents and a few friends before hopping on the bus and heading back to Columbus. The trip seemed long and I couldn’t wait to get home. As soon as I got home I was able to eat and get to bed early in order to take care of my body. Congrats to Kyle (Reed) on getting the game winner in overtime, I know he’s been itching to get a goal, let alone one as important as that one. Well, that’s it for the weekend, wish us luck in the future because every game in the second half is extremely important. GO BUCKS!

Friday (post-game) and Saturday
After the win on Friday night, we stayed at the rink to eat our post game meal. This meal was sponsored by the Ohio State Alumni Association from the Bowling Green and Toledo areas. It’s awesome that Ohio State has alumni all over the country, especially in Ohio. We had salad, lasagna, and cheesy bread as well as a nice table of desserts. I caught Corey Toy and Shane Sims sneaking over to the dessert table a couple times, and should have taken a picture on my cell phone to send to Coach Glass (our strength and conditioning coach) so he can keep them in line. After the meal we left the rink and headed back to the hotel, where I immediately went to my room and jumped in bed. Games take a lot out of each and every player on our team and it’s important to get enough rest. The next morning (Saturday) I awoke at the same time as the day before and went down to the same breakfast as well. Once again it was an awesome breakfast, one in which I took extra hash browns. I tried to encourage Sean Duddy to try and talk to another server but I think he was a little discouraged from pregame meal the previous day. After the meal we went for a walk together as a team instead of going to the rink for a pregame skate. The coaches just wanted to make sure that we got up at a reasonable hour and did something active to get us going for the day. While we were walking there were a few cars that drove by and yelled “Go Bucks!” out of their windows. Like I said before, it’s awesome to see how widespread the Buckeye nation really spans. After the walk we went to our rooms for an hour or so and relaxed and then went down to have a video session before our pregame meal. It’s important to watch ourselves play and to learn from the mistakes we make, as well as get ourselves thinking about some x’s and o’s before we play tonight’s game. We really need to win again tonight in terms of the league standings and our current place. I know everyone on our team has high hopes and wants to be at the top of the league, so every single game and every single point is extremely important. We then had our pre game meal with pasta and chicken, and just like yesterday I’m going to take my pre game nap now. Wish me luck and GO BUCKS!

Today began with a wake up at 9:15 and breakfast at 9:30. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day when we are on the road. I love hash browns and when we eat on the road they are always amazing. We then proceeded to head to the rink for our pregame skate at 11. I was eager to get on the ice and handle a puck as well as get some shots on goal. It always helps to get out and make a few passes and get some shots before a game, along with getting a feel for the ice surface and the boards. The tempo was good and everyone seems well prepared for the war we are about to enter into tonight. Before heading back to the hotel, a few guys and I had some time to walk around the rink and check out some of the old pictures of previous players at BG. We happened to stumble upon one of our coach, John Markell. Somma especially loved his haircut and we agreed, “What amazing flow he used to have back in the day!” We then drove back to the hotel and had our pregame meal of pasta and chicken. Today they had a choice between gravy and marinara sauce, and I chose the gravy. It was once again a great meal, and Duddy again found himself talking to one of the waitresses. Unfortunately for him, this one happened to be engaged! Oh well, for now it’s time for us to mentally prepare for the game as well as stick to our pregame routine. This means nap time for me, so wish me luck! GO BUCKS!

Today began with a somewhat early wakeup compared to my other days of the week. I woke up at around 8:30 to head to class by 9:30 and was attending class and making up homework before the weekend. After class, I rode my bike home in the freezing cold, nervous the whole time I was going to hit a patch of ice and faceplant into the pavement. Luckily I made it and began packing for the weekend. It’s usually pretty hectic the day we leave to go out of town because I’m always worried about getting to eat before the rink and leaving enough time to pack everything I need. I always feel like I’m going to forget something! Practice was short and hard which is perfect the day before a game. Everybody seems prepared and excited to begin the second half of the CCHA season after the winter break. The bus ride began with a bit of confusion over seating arrangements as several guys began jawing each other over which seat belonged to who, but in the end it was all fine and everyone was happy (including the freshmen, who happened to get their own seat). We arrived at Outback to have our usual dinner the night before a game. The bread, salads, and steaks are all phenomenal there and the waitresses weren’t too bad either! Sean Duddy especially found one of the waitresses to be good looking and struck up a conversation with her. What confidence he has when talking to girls! After the meal, we proceeded to drop off our gear at the Bowling Green ice rink. It’s an older rink that holds a good number of people which means the game tomorrow should be pretty loud and exciting. For now, I’m going to finish watching the national championship game in football and then hit the sheets. Goodnight!