Jan. 20, 2001

%^$COLUMBUS, Ohio– Members of the Ohio State track and field teams competed at The Indiana Invitational Saturday in Bloomington, Ind. The men’s squad scored 91 points to win the dual meet. The men’s squad performed well in all areas capturing 10 first-place finishes in 15 events. Joel Brown (So., Baltimore, Ma/Woodlawn) (8.18) and Ryan Grear (Jr., Barnesville, Ohio/Barnesville) (8.25) took first and second place in the 60-meter hurdles. Courtney Cornwall (Inwood, N.Y/ Lawrence) posted a time of 49.81 to place first in the 400-meter dash. Teammate Thomas Dickson (Sr., St. Vincent, Wis.) followed with a time of 49.82 to place second.%^$

%^$Other top performers were Andrew Pierce (Sr., Yellow Springs, Ohio/Yellow Springs) who coasted to a first-place finish in the 600-meter dash with a time of 1:16.73, Rob Myers (Jr., Rushville, Ohio/Fairfield Ohio) captured a first-place finish in the 800-meter run (4:10.64) while Ian Connor (Sr. Lexington, Ohio/Northmoor) posted a first -place finish in the one mile run with a time of 4:10.64.%^$

%^$In field events Ohio State’s Ehimwermen Nosa took first in both the men’s long jump (7.39m) and triple jump (14.94m)) and Bard Hart won the men’s high jump with a mark of 2.09m%^$

%^$The women’s squad fell short to Indiana 89-70. Katy Craig ( Jr., Hilliard, Ohio/Hilliard Davidson) captured first in the weight throw with a mark of 19.41 meters. Tamara Smith ( So., Galloway, Ohio/Westland) captured a first-place finish in the women’s high jump with a mark of 5’7″. 75. Brooke Patterson captured a first -place finish in the 800-meter dash with a time of 2:16.20. Teammate Kati Stevens placed first in the 3,000-meter run (10:18.01) and the one-mile run (5:06.04) while Rhondalynn Crawford (Jr., Collinwood ,Ohio/Collinwood) placed first in the 600-meter dash with a time of 1:34.46)%^$

%^$The Buckeyes will compete at the Arkansas Invitational in Fayetteville, Ark. Jan 26-27%^$



Women’s Results%^$60-meter dash%^$1. Loraine Dunlop IU 7.40%^$2. Boone, Rachelle ,IU 7.44%^$3. Danielle Carruthers IU 7.53%^$6. Logan Molly, OSU 7.92%^$8. Hogan Brandi OSU 8.26%^$

%^$60-meter hurdles%^$1. Danielle Carruthers IU 8.40%^$2. Dalanda Jackson OSU 8.52%^$3. Molly Logan OSU 8.84%^$4. Brandi Hogan OSU 9.04%^$5. Nicholette Chambers OSU 9.06%^$

%^$200-meter%^$1. Loraine Dunlop,Indiana 24.41%^$2. Boone, Rachelle, IU 24.44%^$3. Onica Fraser OSU 25.69%^$5. Molly Logan OSU 26.21%^$6. Brandi Hogan OSU 27.27%^$

%^$400 meter run%^$1. Tia Trent Indiana 55.35%^$2. Tina Johnson OSU 58.01%^$3. Onica Fraser OSU 58.02%^$

%^$1-mile run%^$1. Kati Stevens OSU 5:06.04%^$2. Lauren Weddell, IU 5:07.11%^$3. Whitney Bevins IU 5:08.70%^$5. Mandy Osmond 5:11.74%^$

%^$3,000-meter run%^$1.Kati Stevens OSU 10:18.01%^$2. Lauren Weddell IU 10:25.65%^$3.Erin Womble IU 10:31.69%^$6. Jennifer Ordway OSU 10:50.35%^$

%^$800-meter dash%^$1. Brooke Patterson OSU 2:16.20%^$2. Courtney Bell IU 2:16.26%^$3. Audery Giesler IU 2:16.49%^$4. Mandy Osmond OSU 2:19.02%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Tamara Smith OSU 1.72m%^$2. Nicole Randolph IU 1.68m%^$3. Amy Clippard IU 1.60m%^$4. Desiree Jones OSU 1.60m%^$

%^$Long Jump%^$1. Tandra Foster IU 5.98m%^$2. Rose Richmond IU 5.65m%^$3. Nicholette Chambers OSU 5.41m%^$4. Desiree Jones OSU 4.93m%^$

%^$Triple Jump%^$1. Rose Richmond IU 11.65m%^$2. Nicholette Chambers OSU 11.35m%^$3. Tandra Foster IU 11.19m%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Jennifer Brown IU 15.60m%^$2. Erin Carter OSU 14.90m%^$3. Alexis McCall 14.24m%^$

%^$Weight Throw%^$1. Katy Craig OSU 19.41m%^$2. Jennifer Brown IU 17.91m%^$3. Kelley McKinney IU 15.92m%^$5. Erin Carter OSU 15.16m%^$6. Alexis McCall OSU 14.08m%^$

%^$Men’s results%^$800-meter%^$1. Rob Myers OSU 1:56.68%^$2. Joel Cotton IU 1:56.72%^$3. Kevin Chandler IU 1:58.21%^$4. Nate Hutchinson OSU 1:59.03%^$

%^$1-mile run%^$1.Ian Connor OSU 4:10.64%^$2.Rob Myers OSU 4:15.41%^$3.Kevin Chandler IU 4:17.69%^$

%^$3,000 meter run%^$1. Chris Powers IU 8:28.10%^$2. Nathan Purcell IU 8:32.08%^$3. Derrick Butker OSU 8:32.09%^$7. Tim Miller OSU 8:40.65%^$

%^$60-meter hurdle%^$1. Joel Brown OSU 8.18%^$2. Ryan Grear OSU 8.25%^$3. Matt Harris IU 8.29%^$

%^$4x400meter relay%^$1. OSU 3:17.67%^$2. IU 3:20.36%^$

%^$High Jump%^$1. Brad Hart OSU 2.09m%^$2. Jon Lange IU 2.04m%^$3. Jeff Cerveny OSU 1.94m%^$

%^$Pole Vault%^$1. Dino Efthimiou IU 5.25m%^$2. Ian Curry IU 4.95m%^$3. Cory Johnson OSU 4.80m%^$7. Johnson Jeremiah OSU 4.35m%^$

%^$Long Jump%^$1. Nosa Ehimwerman OSU 7.39m%^$2. Drew Carter OSU 7.29m%^$3. Dino Efthimiou IU 6.70m%^$

%^$Triple Jump%^$1. Ehimwerman OSU 13.65m%^$2. Chris Rosential IU 13.65m%^$3. Billy Mills OSU 13.08m%^$

%^$Shot Put%^$1. Mike Minton IU 17.08m%^$2. Dan Taylor OSU 16.67m%^$3. Justin Cavines IU 15.58m%^$4. Jeff Matcha OSU 15.10m%^$6. Andrew Saurer OSU 14.50m%^$

%^$Weight Throw%^$1. Rusty Azbell OSU 17.93m%^$2. Andrew Saurer OSU 17.68m%^$3. Dan Taylor OSU 17.38m%^$4. Justin CavineeOoSU 16.86m%^$5. Jeff Matcha OSU 15.55m`%^$

%^$600-meter%^$1. Andrew Pierce OSU 1:16.73%^$2. Ryan Huber IU 1:21.32%^$3. Rodney Hollis IU 1:26.67%^$4. Rob Aldredge OSU 1:26.84%^$

%^$400-meter%^$1. Courtney Cornwall OSU 49.81%^$2. Thomas Dickson OSU 49.82%^$3. Cedric Jackson IU 50.29%^$

%^$200-meter%^$1. Contrell Ash IU 22.16%^$2. Courtney Coenwall OSU 22.28%^$3. Joel Brown OSU 22.36%^$

%^$60-meter dash%^$1. Contrell Ash IU 6.95%^$2. Ryan Grear OSU 7.05%^$3. A.C Carter IU 7.06%^$4. Joel Brown OSU 7.07%^$5. Billy Mills OSU 7.35%^$