April 13, 2000

%^$OSU on the Road
%^$Men’s tennis will travel to Bloomington, Ind. to take on No. 30 Indiana on April 15 and No. 33 Purdue the following day.%^$

%^$”I expect to see two long days,” head coach Ty Tucker said. “Indiana and Purdue are going to be hard fought matches. They are going to be good teams that are ready to play. There is a lot on the line. Indiana and Purdue are 5-2 and we are 4-2, so this weekend will separate No. 3 and No. 5 in the Big Ten.”%^$

%^$Ohio State is No. 39!!!
%^$The Intercollegiate Tennis Association committee ranked Ohio State No. 39 this week. The Buckeyes’ overall record is 10-7, 4-2 in the Big Ten. The Ohio State coaches are very excited to be the No. 39 team in the country. The last time Ohio State was ranked as high as No. 39 was May 1, 1995 (No. 39). In addition, Andrew Carlson (Jr., Gambrills, Md./Arundel) and Chris Porter (Jr., Canton, Ohio/Jackson) moved to No. 34 in the doubles standings. The 1999-00 squad has already surpassed all goals the coaches had hoped for and now are reaping the rewards from a team that competes every match.%^$

%^$Ohio State is fifth this week in the Big Ten standings. Illinois, ranked No. 7 in the country, leads the Big Ten with a 7-0 record. The two opponents Ohio State will face this weekend, Indiana and Purdue, are tied for No. 3 in the Big Ten with a 5-2 record.%^$

%^$”It’s nice that the ranking committee recognizes our hard work and the results of the players,” Tucker said. “The bottom line is that there is still a lot of tennis to be played. We have to continue improving. It would be nice to end the year in the Top 40.”%^$

%^$Coaches Forum
%^$Head coach Ty Tucker spoke about the trip to Illinois and Northwestern.%^$

%^$”We beat a good team in Northwestern,” head coach Ty Tucker said. “We got a good start the next day at Illinois and won the doubles point. I don’t think they have lost the doubles point in years to a team that is ranked below them. We were five points away from losing 4-3 in that match. Carlson lost a tough third set tiebreaker and Metz lost a hard fought three-set match.”%^$

%^$Double Trouble
%^$For the past few years Ohio State has struggled to win matches because of poor doubles play. In the 1998-99 season, the team lost 19 out of 24 doubles points and had an overall record of 6-24. Of the six wins, the team won five of six doubles points. In fact, this season the squad has produced more wins than the previous three years. One factor could be the great success of doubles. In the 17 dual matches played so far, Ohio State has won 13 doubles points. Of the 10 wins, the Buckeyes have won nine doubles points. The only exception was the 4-3 win at Penn State (2/26/00) where OSU lost the doubles point.%^$

%^$Carlson/Porter won the Penn Invitational (9/25/99) in the first tournament they entered as partners and are currently ranked No. 34. Derek DeFalco (Jr., Maumee, Ohio/Maumee) and Bob Wellstein (Jr., Perrysburg, Ohio/Perrysburg) have had great success in their first season of playing together. DeFalco/Wellstein are having a stellar doubles season, leading the Big Ten and the Buckeyes with a 6-0 conference record. They are 21-5 overall.%^$

%^$”Getting the doubles point means a lot,” Tucker said. “To win the doubles point you have to win at least two out of three doubles matches. Obviously we have Carlson and Porter playing so well and DeFalco/Wellstein are undefeated. That helps to win two out of three matches. If we are winning matches 4-3 it means a great deal.”%^$

%^$OSU Tames the Cats’
%^$Ohio State revenged last year’s 4-3 loss against Northwestern with a 4-3 win in Evanston, Ill. Doubles led the way with wins coming from the duo of Phil Metz (Fr., Mentor, Ohio/Mentor) and Porter and DeFalco/Wellstein. From there the top three of the lineup carried the team to victory.%^$

%^$Porter, in the No. 1 position, had a big win over Brad Erickson in straight sets (6-4, 7-6). Carlson provided another big win for the Buckeyes over Joost Hol, 6-3, 6-4. Metz rounded out the Buckeye wins with a 6-2, 6-0, victory over Jackie Jenkins.%^$

%^$Buckeyes Steal a Big One
%^$Ohio State snuck one past the Illini in Sunday’s 6-1 loss. The Buckeyes lost all singles matches with only two going to three sets. However, OSU did manage to win the doubles point. In the previous three years that the Fighting Illini have won the Big Ten Conference they have lost very few doubles matches. Illinois lost one doubles point in the 1998-99 season to Ball State (1/24/00) and have thus far only lost one to No. 5 Duke (3/5/00) this season.%^$

%^$Illinois’ No. 15 Laski/Parker were defeated Sunday by No. 35 Porter and Carlson. Porter/Carlson’s record is 18-4 overall, 2-1 in the Big Ten. DeFalco/Wellstein defeated Synder/Kosta, 9-7.%^$

%^$No. 39 OSU vs. No. 30 Indiana
%^$Indiana defeated the Buckeyes last season, 5-2. This season Indiana’s record is 13-4 overall, 5-2 in the Big Ten. Milan Rakvica, the No. 1 player, has a 21-14 overall record and is 1-6 in the Big Ten. Rakvica, a senior, is currently ranked No. 98. The doubles duo of Ian Arons and Gabriel Montilla are ranked No. 35, one spot below Carlson/Porter. Most recently Indiana upset No. 20 Michigan, 5-2 (4/8/00). The next day the squad posted a victory over Michigan State, 7-0.%^$

%^$Scouting No. 33 Purdue
%^$Purdue defeated Ohio State, 4-3, in Columbus during the 1998-99 campaign. Purdue is currently ranked No. 33 in the country with a 9-8 overall record, 5-2 in the Big Ten. The team has one ranked player, Jason Marshall, at No. 44. Last weekend the Boilermakers lost to Michigan State, 4-3. The following day they too upset No. 20 Michigan, 4-3.