May 2, 1998

Erie, Pa. – Steve Gloeckner and Tim Houston lead the Ohio State lacrosse team to a 12-10 win over Mercyhurst in Erie, Pa. The pair of attackers each had a hat trick and Gloeckner added an assist.

%^$Buddy Lange got the Buckeyes going with the first goal of the game and Ohio State lead wire to wire. Lange, who had two goals on the day, finished the season with eight goals in his last three games.

%^$Greg Zytkowski added a goal and two assists, while Kevin Johnson and Jim Lafferty both recorded scores. Defender Kevin Gilligan scored his first goal of the season and only the second all year for an OSU defenseman.

%^$Mike Abeles and John Kuss combined to stop 19 shots in goal.

%^$The Buckeyes finish the 1998 season with an overall record of 5-7, 2-2 in the GWLL.%^$

%^$Scoring Summary

%^$ 1 2 3 4 Total%^$Mercyhurst 2 0 3 5 10%^$Ohio State 4 2 2 4 12

%^$ Goal Assist Score%^$1st%^$OSU Buddy Lange Jim Lafferty OSU 1-0%^$MER Jon Savage 1-1%^$OSU Tim Houston Greg Zytkowski OSU 2-1%^$OSU Jim Lafferty Joe Gans OSU 3-1%^$MER Jon Savage Doug Bellamy OSU 3-2%^$OSU Tim Houston Jon Egan OSU 4-2

%^$2nd%^$OSU Kevin Johnson Greg Zytkowski OSU 5-2%^$OSU Tim Houston OSU 6-2

%^$3rd %^$MER Bruce Alexander Gavin Prout OSU 6-3%^$MER JD Jones Doug Bellamy OSU 6-4%^$MER Paul Fullerton OSU 6-5%^$OSU Greg Zytkowski OSU 7-5%^$OSU Steve Gloeckner OSU 8-5

%^$4th%^$OSU Steve Gloeckner OSU 9-5%^$MER Bruce Alexander OSU 9-6%^$OSU Kevin Gilligan Steve Gloeckner OSU 10-6%^$OSU Buddy Lange Kevin Johnson OSU 11-6%^$MER Jeff Roland Bruce Alexander OSU 11-7%^$MER Paul Fullerton JD Jones OSU 11-8%^$MER Gavin Prout OSU 11-9%^$MER Bruce Alexander JD Jones OSU 11-10%^$OSU Steve Gloeckner OSU 12-10 %^$ %^$Goalies- %^$Abeles, Kuss (OSU) 19 saves%^$Kravitz (MER) 13 saves

%^$Records:%^$Ohio State 5-7, 2-2%^$Mercyhurst 7-5%^$