COLUMBUS, Ohio Chris Friel, a senior on the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team, held a chat on Thursday.

Friel and the No. 11-ranked Buckeyes host No. 17 Denver this weekend. The teams will face off at 11 a.m. Saturday in Ohio Stadium prior to the football Spring Game. Ohio State is looking to break both the men’s lacrosse (52,004) and football spring game (92,138) national attendance records.

Friel, from Northfield, N.H., has played in all 11 games for the Buckeyes this season and has seen action in 40 career games for the Scarlet and Gray. A three-time Ohio State Scholar-Athlete and a two-time Academic All-Big Ten choice, Friel has one goal and has 14 groundballs this season. A business major, he is serving as the chair of the Student-Athlete Advisory Board this year.    Chris is here now so we’ll get started.
Eric:Lewis Center:    You’re a senior now … have you helped the team’s freshmen adjust to college life (and collge lacrosse)?
Chris::    We have a great freshman class and I’ve tried to share my experience with them in hopes they can learn from that. Both on and off the field, sharing with them things I wish I had done as a freshman, having the chance to look back as a senior, hopefully will help them in their college careers. 
Ann:Frederick,MD:    What are your favorite things about playing lacrosse? 
Chris::    I like the fact lacrosse incorporates fundamentals from all other sports – hitting in football, hand-eye coordination from hockey, running in soccer, and high-scoring like basketball. And, the fact it’s a fast-paced, exciting game to play and watch. 
Troy:Powell, Ohio:    What other kinds of things are you involved with at Ohio State?
Chris::    I am really involved in the Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) as the chair. I got involved with the organization as a sophomore and served as vice-chair as a junior. That takes up quite a bit of my time. The board puts on events, like an all-Ohio State athlete talent show (coming up May 14 at 7 p.m. in St. John Arena!) and a 5K run on Mother’s Day, May 11. 
Rachel:Worthington:    I have an eight-year old son who is very into sports but didn’t know how young to start him in lacrosse or where…how old were you when you started playing? 
Chris::    I actually didn’t start playing lacrosse until my freshman year of high school, since there weren’t any youth programs in my area (New Hampshire). I wish I would have had the opportunity to get more involved with the sport at a much younger age. With the explosion of lacrosse in the Columbus area, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with youth programs.
Kevin:Worthington:    Being a senior, what are your plans after graduation? 
Chris::    I’ll be down in Charlotte, North Carolina, working in sales and trading for Bank of America Securities. As a finance major at Ohio State, I particularly got interested in investment banking. I had an internship at Bank of America last summer and enjoyed the company, Charlotte and the people I worked with. I’ll graduate the first week of June and start working at the end of June. 
Jennifer:Columbus:    Hi Chris. Being a lifelong resident of Ohio…what made you decide to come to OSU? And how often does your family get to see a game if ever?
Chris::    I wanted to go to a school that had a great lacrosse program with a strong combination of academic opportunities that could offer a great college expereince. Ohio State, being one of the largest universities in the country, has been an exciting place to spend my college career. My folks are able to come out for a couple games a year, usually. Because I’m away from home, seeing them at those games makes it that much more special. I’m excited they’ll be here for the big record-breaking weekend when we play Denver in the football stadium at 11 a.m. before the football spring game Saturday.
Scott:Cockeysville, MD:    Does your leg still hurt from when the guy from UNC broke his shaft over it? 
Chris::    My leg is fine … I’m ready to go for this weekend. Taking the shot was worth it to have a big win like that. 
Eddie:Tennessee:    What aspects of your childhood and now adulthood do you bring to your achievements in academics and sports? Have these aspects been instrumental in your success and strong will?
Chris::    I’ve always tried to balance family, academics and athletics. My success is attributable to being able to keep those priorities in line while managing the daily work that goes into everything. Another big part of that is putting myself into a position to help others, and to learn from others. Taking nothing for granted and enjoying what I’m doing, and the people that I’m around. Finding something you enjoy doing, and combining that with what you’re good at, is a great way to find success.
Bill:Upper Arlington:    How exciting to be playing in The Shoe in front of a record crowd! Do you think that could possibly hinder you or the team…knowing that most of the crowd has probably never seen a lacrosse match before? 
Chris::    We’re looking forward to playing on a stage that big – combining our proud lacrosse tradition with the Ohio State football tradition and the tradition of the hallowed grounds of Ohio Stadium. We’re incredibly focused on what we need to do in order to be successful vs. Denver. Hopefully the crowd will get into the exciting game of lacrosse and support us the way they support the football team, with O-H-I-O and everything else that goes along with a Buckeye football game.
Emma:Dayton:    What is your favorite lax memory at OSU and does SmartPop give you an extra edge?
Chris::    While I’ve had countless great memories from being a part of the program, I’m excited about this weekend being something memorable I’ll never forget. Actually, “Smartfood” gives me the edge to my game, that not only helps me on the field, but in the classroom too. 🙂
Devin:Lewis Center:    The lacrosse team was second in the athlete talent show last year … what are you doing so you can win the title this year? 
Chris::    It’s a top-secret operation right now, but we’re looking to razzle and dazzle the crowd and give them a show they’ll never forget. I hope all the other teams are going to bring their A-game.
Chris::    Thanks everyone for your questions. I appreciate you taking the time to write in. Come out and cheer us on at 11 a.m. Saturday in Ohio Stadium. Go Bucks!    That’s all the time for Chris. Thanks for the questions.