April 5, 2002%^$


%^$Norman, Okla.–The Ohio State men’s gymnastics team, 218.650, could not defeat Oklahoma, 219.300, and the home crowd in The Lloyd Noble Center tonight, Norman, Okla., to fall short in their NCAA title defense. OSU junior Raj Bhavsar, 55.875, won the NCAA all-around title over UC-Berkeley’s JinJing Zhang (55.200).%^$

%^$OSU competed on vault during the first rotation with a score of 36.750, which placed the Buckeyes in second place heading into the next rotation behind first-place Oklahoma (36.800). The Buckeyes were led by Bhavsar with a score of 9.400.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes moved to parallel bars for the second rotation and with its score of 35.735 moved into first place. Their overall score of 72.475 placed the Buckeyes five one-hundredths in front of second place Oklahoma (72.425). Bhavsar, 9.200, again lead the way for the Buckeyes.%^$

%^$OSU fell to fourth place following the fourth rotation as the Buckeyes scored a 35.550 on high bar, which gave them an overall score of 108.025. Oklahoma, 109.475, moved into first place after scoring a 37.050 on still rings. Freshman Randy Monahan with his score of 9.200.%^$

%^$The Buckeyes moved into second place after the fourth rotation on the strength of their 37.375 on floor exercise. OSU, 145.400, trailed first place Oklahoma (146.675) entering the fifth rotation in which the Buckeyes competed on pommel horse and Oklahoma moved to parallel bars. Huntwork, who entered the weekend ranked fourth nationally, lead the way again as he scored a 9.650.%^$

%^$Ohio State, 182.100, ended the fifth rotation in second place, which was .250 behind first-place Oklahoma (182.350) entering the final rotation. OSU scored a 36.700 on the strength of Bhavsar’s 9.400.%^$

%^$OSU competed on still rings for the final rotation posting a score of 36.700 but was enough to over take Oklahoma, which scored a 36.950 on high bar.%^$

%^$Buckeye head coach Miles Avery said the competition means more to these student-athletes than just a NCAA title.%^$

%^$”These young men come and work together, sweat together to get here, so it means so much more,” Avery said. “This competition is for the pride of the school, these are student-athletes so it means so much to these competitors.”%^$

%^$The NCAA Championships conclude Saturday as the individual event finals will be held in Lloyd Noble Arena at 7 p.m.%^$


NCAA Championship Finals%^$Ohio State: 218.650 (2nd of 6)%^$Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, Okla.%^$April 5, 2002%^$Ohio State Individual Results and Top Performers%^$

%^$Vault Pommel Horse%^$1t. Jock Stevens, OU 9.525 1. JinJhing Zhang, UC 9.675%^$1t. Josh Rasile, NU 9.525 6. Bhavsar, OSU 9.400%^$6t. Raj Bhavsar, OSU 9.400 9t. Van Sickle, OSU 9.200%^$9t. Kerry Adderly, OSU 9.350 9t. Houle, OSU 9.200%^$30t. Michael Evans, OSU 9.000 19t. Huntwork, OSU 8.900%^$30t. Earnest Nelson, OSU 9.000 19t. Monahan, OSU 8.900%^$32. Randy Monahan, OSU 8.975 26. Ryan Schwartzkopf, OSU 8.800%^$33t. Cody Trobaugh, OSU 8.950%^$

%^$Floor Exercise Parallel Bars%^$1. Dick Huntwork, OSU 9.650 1. Zhang, UC 9.425%^$5. Adderly, OSU 9.300 3t. Bhavsar, OSU 9.200%^$6t. Bhavsar, OSU 9.275 7t. Monahan, OSU 8.900%^$9. Houle, OSU 9.150 11. Adderly, OSU 8.875%^$37t. Evans, OSU 8.625 17t. Huntwork, OSU 8.750%^$37t. Monahan, OSU 8.625 19t. Houle, OSU 8.700%^$ 23t. Cody Trobaugh, OSU 8.600%^$

%^$Still Rings High Bar%^$1. Marshall Erwin, SU 9.775 1. Quinn Rowell, OU 9.400%^$2. Bhavsar, OSU 9.750 6t. Monahan, OSU 9.100%^$9t. Mitch Claman, OSU 9.250 15t. Bhavsar, OSU 8.850%^$20t. Monahan, OSU 8.900 20t. Huntwork, OSU 8.800%^$26t. Eric Van Sickle, OSU 8.650 20t. Evans, OSU 8.800%^$29t. Huntwork, OSU 8.600 38t. Houle, OSU 8.350%^$45t. Matt Smith, OSU 7.950 41t. Claman, OSU 8.150