Feb. 9, 2007

Ohio State head coach Thad Matta
On the win against Michigan
“We were not as sharp and mentally prepared as we needed to be. It was the awareness and ability to read and see things before they happened that we were missing in the first half.”

On Ohio State
“We’ve watched a lot of film lately to try and get the guys to see the things that need to be carried over from one game to the next. Purdue will see different things from us and we’ll see different things from them Saturday.”

On Purdue
“I give credit to the teams we are playing now because they are not going to let us set up and run our offense and do what we want on defense. Purdue has had our attention since a year ago when they showed can play great basketball. The last game (Jan. 31) was much closer than the score showed because we made a nice run at the end. This is year six away from high school for (David) Teague and he obviously has size and can shoot the basketball. He’s shown a number of times that he can come in and light things up.”

On facing Big Ten teams in a quick rotation
“It has been good for this young team because the games are still fresh in their minds. The Big Ten is challenging us because we’ve seen so many different styles and approaches which helps us prepare for the end of the season.”

Jamar Butler, junior guard
On Purdue
“Purdue got its first road win at Penn State and just beat Michigan State so they will come here confident and ready to play their best basketball.”

Ivan Harris, senior forward
On preparing mentally for games
“You have to stay focused and not let other things from the outside break you down.” Mike Conley Jr., freshman guard
On Ohio State
“We do want to establish our own way of playing but if we can win in a variety of ways during the season it will be beneficial to us when March comes around.”

On college basketball
“It is day and night between high school and college basketball. There is a lot more wear and tear on your body so you have to make sure you get your rest to recover. I’m sure it’s going to get a lot harder as it goes down the stretch.”

Greg Oden, freshman center
On the physical Big Ten play
“My coaches told me how physical it would be so I have been trying to prepare for each game by making sure I am getting the rest I need. I feel more comfortable playing with my teammates and playing inside and outside than I did earlier this season.”