Feb. 16, 2007

Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On the Penn State game
“We are going to learn from every game. We did some good things, but Penn State made some great plays down the stretch. I thought we had good shot selection, but our shots just weren’t going down. The more shots Penn State knocked down, the less aggressive we looked. They started to make their shots and we lost the continuity in our transition.”

On Minnesota
“(Spencer) Tollackson is a tremendous low post player. From Limar Wilson to Lawrence McKenzie they have these guys playing hard.”

Jamar Butler, junior guard
On the Penn State game
“We are lucky two of Penn State’s shots didn’t go in, but a `W’ is a `W’. The thing we learned from it is we have to put two halves together and play two halves of good basketball. In the second half, our shots weren’t dropping and we were blitzed in transitions a lot because Penn State stepped up and played well.”

Mike Conley Jr., freshman guard
On the Penn State game
“In high school a 20 point lead was almost a guaranteed victory. With Penn State, we saw that 3-pointers can spark a lot of excitement on their side and start a run. Every team is giving us their best shot because every team wants to knock off a Top 5 team. They are playing for pride.”

Daequan Cook, freshman guard
On the Penn State game
“We sat back in the second half and out shots weren’t falling for us. Big Ten games are hard because blocking out what the fans are screaming can be hard.”

On campus life
“It’s hard to go out because most of the time other students will stop us and want to talk about basketball, but I don’t want to think about basketball all day, everyday.”