Nov. 3, 2006

Jamar Butler, junior guard
On coach Matta’s contract extension
“He’s a great coach and we love playing for him. He’s good to his players and it’s good to know he is going to be here for a while.”

On the team’s performance vs. Findlay Wednesday
“The freshmen have a game under their belt now. They looked great. We should be ready for Sunday (vs. Walsh).”

Ron Lewis, senior guard
On the team taking the next step
“It’s time for us to improve. Next game, we have to continue to work and get better.”

On playing without freshman center Greg Oden
“It is reality that (Matt) Terwilliger is going to have to step up and get more rebounds. It’s a big a thing for him and us. The guards are going to have to help the big men and get some rebounds.”

Mike Conley, freshman guard
On Matta’s new contract and its influence on recruiting
“With the new contracts, high school players will give more attention to the university. They will start putting Ohio State in their top five.”

On playing as a team
“We are all working hard and need to continue working. Coach sees this and the effort we are giving. He has Jamar and me at the point which is good. It doesn’t matter to me if I start or not it is fine with me. I just want to help the team.”

On what Ohio State has to work on Sunday vs. Walsh
“We were out rebounded by Findlay and saw that we are not doing the little things. We need to be more aggressive on defense and offense and need to be sure we all know our positions. Last game we were not together as a team.”

Daequan Cook, freshman guard
On the game Sunday vs. Walsh
“We need to play better than we did Wednesday night and not have as many errors. We just need to get used to playing together.”

On needed personal improvement
“I need to work on defense and standing in the defensive stance. Sometimes I just get lazy and stand up when the opponents do. I just always need to be ready.”

On defense
“Coach pushes and pushes us to get better on defense. He stresses everyday that we need to put pressure on the ball. That is our main goal to work on. Coaches know we are great offensively it’s just what we can do on the other side.”