Still with him

Kosta Koufos continues to look to his father for inspiration 10 years after losing him to cancer

Tuesday,  March 18, 2008 5:38 AM
By Matt Tullis

Six-year-old Kosta Koufos poses with his father, Alex, in 1995.

Before he takes the floor tonight for the Ohio State men’s basketball team, Kosta Koufos will talk briefly to his father.

He’ll ask Alex Koufos to keep him strong and healthy during the game, and maybe seek help with a shot or two that might linger on the rim.

Then the freshman center from Canton will find his mom in the stands in Value City Arena and make eye contact. She’ll turn both thumbs up and smile.

“He looks for me,” Kathy Koufos said. “He barely acknowledges it, but I can tell that he sees me.”

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