January 18, 1999

The Ohio State men’s and women’s track and field teams both finished second at the New York Sports Museum Collegiate Invitational in Manhattan, N.Y. Saturday. The women finished with 90 points, seven behind Seton Hall’s 97 while the men had 85 points to champion Washington’s 122. %^$

The women’s 4X400m relay team of Dominique Calloway (Jr., Aurora, Colo.), Carrie Hoblet (Jr., Lewis Center, Ohio), Ayanna Reece (Sr., Bronx, N.Y.), and Cathy Rejouis (Sr., Calgary, Canada) won its event and set a school record with a time of 3:42.41. Also winning for the Buckeyes were Calloway in the womens 60 meter hurdles (8.34) and Ian Connor (So., Lexington, Ohio) in the mens 3,000 meter run with a time of 8:23.66.%^$

Next for the Buckeyes will be a dual meet with Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. January 23.%^$

Final Team Scores–Women%^$Seton Hall 97%^$Ohio State 90%^$Washington 89%^$Villanova 62%^$Manhattan 60%^$Saint Johns 53%^$George Mason 45%^$Columbia 33%^$Fordham 15%^$New York Tech 3%^$

Final Team Scores-Men%^$Washington 122%^$Ohio State 85%^$St. Johns 75.5%^$Manhattan 58%^$Seton Hall 55.5%^$Columbia 54%^$Villanova 34%^$New York Tech 30%^$George Mason 29%^$Fordham 28%^$

Womens distance medley relay%^$1. George Mason 12:13.94%^$5. Ohio State (Stevens, Crawford, Ballas,%^$Schulist) 12:28.88%^$

Mens distance medley relay%^$1. Columbia 9:59.89%^$4. Ohio State (Grecius, Germany, Fields, %^$Gonzalez) 10:09.22%^$

Mens long jump%^$1. Adrian Comerbatch, George Mason 7.43%^$3. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 7.32%^$4. Jimmy Redmond, Ohio State 7.19%^$

Womens long jump%^$1. Angie Brown, George Mason 6.08%^$3. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 5.67%^$

Mens pole vault%^$1. Matt Phillips, Washington 4.65%^$T5. Rob Aldrege, Ohio State 4.20%^$

Mens shot put%^$1. Ben Lindsey, Washington 17.94%^$

Mens 35lb weight throw%^$1. Svante Soderlund, Mahattan 18.64%^$

Womens 20lb weight throw%^$1. Lacole Fields, Manhattan 17.21%^$9. Karen Keys, Ohio State 11.35%^$

Womens shot put%^$1. Nicole Fields, Manhattan 14.79%^$6. Karen Keys, Ohio State 12.75%^$7. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 12.73%^$

Womens pole vault%^$1. Keely Fallon, Villanova 2.75%^$

Womens 60 meter %^$1. Graham, Seton Hall 7.49%^$4. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 7.68%^$

Mens 60 meter%^$1. Jarrett, NYIT 6.73%^$4. Leandre Liggins, Ohio State 7.04%^$

Womens 60 meter hurdles%^$1. Dominque Calloway, Ohio State 8.34%^$2. Donica Merriman, Ohio State 8.40%^$

Mens 60 meter hurdles%^$1. Fulcher, St. Johns 8.06%^$T7. Ryan Grear, Ohio State 8.55%^$

Mens triple jump%^$1. Cei-Jai Brown, Columbia 14.12%^$4. Joe Crallie, Ohio State 13.72%^$

Womens triple jump%^$1. Harriete Gardner, Seton Hall 12.12%^$3. Desiree Jones, Ohio State 11.84%^$

Mens high jump%^$1. Joe Sciuto, Manhattan 2.11%^$

Womens 3,000 meter run%^$1. Tollefson, Villanova 9:33.74%^$7. Alexis Schulist, Ohio State 10:21.53%^$9. Kati Stevens, Ohio State 10:30.67%^$

Womens high jump%^$1. Sarah Feeley, Columbia 1.69%^$5. Cathy Carlin, Ohio State 1.59%^$

Mens 3,000 meter run%^$1. Ian Connor, Ohio State 8:23.66%^$7. JJ ORielly, Ohio State 8:32.20%^$

Womens 4×400 meter relay%^$1. Ohio State (Rejouis, Hoblet, Reece, Calloway) 3:42.41 %^$