September 30, 2022

Men and Women Finish Second at Lakefront Invitational



COLUMBUS, Ohio – In the maroon races of the Loyola Lakefront Invitational Friday in Chicago, both the No. 25-ranked Ohio State women and the Buckeye men placed second in the team competition. The women had three Top 10 finishers, with five men in the Top 20.

The women, despite holding out their top three runners from the season’s first three races, finished second in the maroon race behind No. 26 Wisconsin, with all five counters in the Top 24. Akemi Von Scherr was second overall in 21:20.5. Morgan Schmitt was seventh, Audrey DeSantis 10th, Gia Napolean 23rd and Emma Bucher 24th. Schmitt, DeSantis, Napolean and Bucher, as well was Samantha Coleman, all ran personal bests.

In the men’s maroon race, all five Buckeye counters, and the first six Ohio State runners, were among the Top 23. Nathaniel Tamminga was eighth in a time of 24:52.7. Giovanni Coppole was 15th, with Ivan Slyepkan 17th, Zubin Jha 18th, Kaleb Martin 20th and Sean Carney 23rd. Tamminga, Copploe, Martin and Carney all set their Ohio State career bests. Loyola was first in the team competition, with the Buckeye men second.

Seven Buckeyes ran in the gold races. For the men, John Cuozzo was the race winner in a personal best time of 25:32.8, with Colby Adams and Keegan Freyhof also in the Top 15 with career best times. Annie Allen, Sydney Paul and Ana Karmol placed among the Top 6 in the women’s race, all setting personal bests, with Rose Hoelzel finishing 13th.

Up Next

After a week off, the Buckeyes will close the regular season at the Arturo Barrios Invitational in College Station, Texas, Oct. 15.

Loyola Lakefront Invitational
Sept. 30, 2022
Chicago, Ill.
Italics indicates PR

Women’s 6K
Maroon Race
2. Akemi Von Scherr (21:20.5)
7. Morgan Schmitt (21:34.4)
10. Audrey DeSantis (21:48.8)
23. Gia Napoleon (22:15.6)
24. Emma Bucher (22:18.2)

34. Samantha Coleman (22:45.9)
53. Ava Tenaglia (23:25.4)

Gold Race
4. Annie Allen (22:40.3)
5. Sydney Paul (22:57.1)
6. Ana Karmol (23:17.5)
13. Rose Hoelzel (24:03.1)

Men’s 8K
Maroon Race
8. Nathaniel Tamminga (24:52.7)
15. Giovanni Copploe (25:11.3)
17. Ivan Slyepkan (25:16.2)
18. Zubin Jha (25:16.3)
20. Kaleb Martin (25:21.0)

23. Sean Carney (25:24.7)
37. Jack Good (25:56.3)

Gold Race
1. John Cuozzo (25:32.8)
8. Colby Adams (26:28.2)
15. Keegan Freyhof (26:49.8)