Meet Former Novices

I joined the novice team because I thought it would be something challenging and new to try, but I stayed because I fell in love with the sport and because it gave me an amazing support system and a that ended up becoming my family.
Michayla Binkley
Junior, Psychology



I joined novice because I wasn’t ready to give up being part of a team or being an athlete. The best part of the season was seeing how far I could push myself and how much we do as a team, and I made some of my best friends.
Kailey Boomer





The best part of my first year on the team was learning great characteristics that will help you in the real world: determination, responsibility, adversity, communication and leadership. Helping our program win its sixth Big Ten Championship wasn’t that bad either!
Taylor Coalter
Consumer and Family Financial Services




The best part of my first year on the team was racing season. Getting to race with the Buckeye logo on my back for the first time was such a cool experience. It made all the hours worth it!
Sierra Cydrus
Senior, Health Promotion, Nutrition & Exercise Science





I wanted to join the novice team as a way to stay in shape and make new friends, but I stayed on the novice team because it was a place where I could be confident and strong and be part of a community of women that I can call family.
Maddie Frendberg
Junior, Animal Sciences




I joined the novice team because I loved playing sports in high school and I didn’t want to lose the team aspect as I went to college. I planned on playing intramurals before I found out about rowing, but I knew I would be more committed and competitive than the majority of the people participating. I gave the novice team a try and haven’t looked back since.
Lena Harper