Ohio State head coach Thad Matta
On overall performance
Decent job sharing the basketball; We took some very good shots. We’ve got a long way to go though.

On Lauderdale
Has been great this week, love the way he’s been playing, he came out and did a great job.

On rest of the season
You are never going to be able to predict how the season is going to go, hopefully we can keep our balance going. We can’t let up; we have to really lock down.

On freshmen performance
They did a pretty good job. We need to continue to push the bar up though. This is just one game, hopefully they’ll play 30 some games.

On defense
Our defense is getting better; I am very pleased with that.

On B.J. Mullens’ performance
His performance is really coming along. 

On William Buford
He is working extremely hard. He is getting a lot of extra work in practice.

On how to improve
We need more intensity on the defensive end. Offensively we need to continue our execution. 

David Lighty, junior guard
On coming out strong in the second half
“I feel like at the end of the first half we got a little lackadaisical and weren’t playing Ohio State basketball. We came out in the second half and played like we practiced. There was a lot more intensity and focus.”

On playing with an inexperienced lineup
“It’s a good thing that we finally got to play a game. We have only had about 30 practices, so there is naturally going to be some confusion. When we finally got out on the court I think we took out a lot of frustration and anger on the other team.”

Dallas Lauderdale, sophomore center

On a defensive possession in which he recorded two blocks
“I was pretty pumped up after that. I got the two blocks and we got the shot clock violation, so I was pretty pumped up. When I got back down to the other end I yelled and it fired up the crowd and my teammates. I think we scored on that possession too.”

On his confidence this season compared to last season
“It’s totally different. Last year I was unsure of myself, especially offensively. This year, my confidence meter is sky-high. I have more confidence and my teammates and coaches have more confidence in me.”

William Buford, freshman guard
On how his teammates
“I feel like we’re brothers out there. They do a good job of getting me the ball when I’m in a position to score and I try to take advantage of that. It’s not a one man show out there.”

Greg Jackson, Delaware State head coach
On tonight’s game
“We didn’t want Ohio State to get off to a good start, and they went on a 15-3 run to start the game. I thought we were outstanding on the boards and we played a very good basketball game. It’s difficult to play at this level that is so talented. I think they will cause a lot of problems for a lot of teams.”

On Dallas Lauderdale
“He is a big kid that is very talented and well-coached. Ohio State has talent on all areas of the floor and he can take away a lot of things for a team.”

On non-conference schedule
“I think we have one of the hardest non-conference schedules in the nation. We play a lot of good teams to get us ready for our conference schedule. As a coach, I try not to worry about winning basketball games, but to remember to coach these kids. Playing basketball is the easy part.”