January 13, 2020

⚡ Quick Quotes: Men’s Basketball Previewing Nebraska

Ohio State Buckeyes

Chris Holtmann, Head Coach

On Nebraska:

We’re getting prepared for a Nebraska team that’s playing really confident basketball. Lot of new players but the veteran group is kind of all in the same. Fred’s doing a great job with them, with this group.  Obviously, they have some really impressive wins; Purdue, Iowa, here late within the last month. They have a really dynamic group of guards that are older and veteran, for the most part really dynamic point guards and …they’re playing well right now. So obviously we need to prepare well here today.

On the recent stretch:

As coaches, we got to find a way to put them in better positions. As players, you know, they got to play with confidence and step up and we all have to do a better job getting healthy and having the same team on the floor, is certainly a factor as well.

On offense:

I think the tendency as coaches is to try to control the game more when you’re struggling offensively. Whether that’s set plays or slowing things down, to try and put the pieces where you want them to be. I think for us, we still got to find ways to attack in transition. I think we still have to look at early post ups in transition when we can. I think that’s one of the conversations we had with the staff. Faster? Slower?


Ohio State Buckeyes

Kyle Young, Forward

On his mindset about his surgery:

You know hearing that I had to have surgery and get it out was pretty disappointing because I knew I had to miss games and I didn’t want to. You know, my body wasn’t feeling great so especially with last year being out at the same time and missing some Big Ten games, its hurts not being out there with your brothers and not playing but health does come first, so I just wanted to get that out of the way and now I’m back to getting to 100% so its day-by-day now.

On the team’s identity:

Toughness. That’s got to be our identity and I think that’s something we’ve been lacking a little bit in this little stretch. So we’re trying to work on really getting our edge back, our mojo and that’s going to come by putting practice days together. Coach talks about putting hard work in and just getting our toughness back. That’s got to be our identity.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ej Liddell, Forward 

On not having Kyle Young:

There’s a lot of details that you have to pick up on playing in the Big Ten and how hard you have to play every second you’re out there and that’s what I feel like we were missing when Kyle wasn’t there because Kyle gets us a lot of extra plays and offensive rebounds.

On being more aggressive:

I’ve just been doing everything I can to make sure the team wins, if he(Coach Holtmann) wants me to score I would try to do that but right now we’re just trying to focus on everyone contributing. He’s told me that if I can just play as hard as I can and do other things and not think about scoring, then scoring will come.