What does the world of social media accomplish? Certainly, such a question is one for the ages … the digital ages at least. Social media can help crazed fans keep tabs on “The Biebs” or spark a day-long media grilling for a reigning Heisman trophy winner. 

Well here in Columbus, we had social media to thank for the birth of a new state “holiday” to honor the only two-time Heisman trophy winner – Archie Griffin, who wore No. 45 from 1972-75. 

Early Wednesday morning, the @Brutus_Buckeye account messaged a tweet directed at Ohio Governor John Kasich offering a proposal for a day to recognize Griffin for all of his vast accomplishments. The mascot saw it fit for a day – 45 from the start of the Buckeye football season – to pay homage to Griffin’s contributions not only to Columbus and the state of Ohio but also for the world of football and collegiate athletics as a whole. 

The tweet kicked off a day-long celebration on all the Ohio State social media accounts as well as the Buckeyes’ official website. In all, the #ArchieGriffinDay campaign registered more than 35,000 likes and counting on Facebook. As for Twitter mentions, well you can start tallying those here, if you like. 

In a rare state government-mascot exchange late in the afternoon, Kasich responded to Brutus with an official resolution to make July 17, 2013 Archie Griffin Day as it fell 45 days from the official kickoff of the Ohio State football season opener Aug. 31 vs. Buffalo (noon in Ohio Stadium).

Griffin, the CEO and president of the Ohio State alumni association since 2004, was honored upon being informed of his day. 

“Probably Brutus would be the only person to propose something like that,” Griffin told local Columbus station WBNS-10TV during its nightly newscast. “I’m honored that he did. To be able to say 45 days out is Archie Griffin Day, that’s very nice.”

The recommendation – unofficial in nature and believed to be the first ever put forth by a mascot – requested each year Archie Griffin Day be recognized 45 days from that season’s first kickoff. (That’s July 16, 2014, if anyone wants to mark their calendars.) 

Upon learning he had initiated a special day in his home state for his all-time favorite Buckeye football player, Brutus – never a big talker – responded:

“Chest thump! Head bump! Hard clap! Point! Double thumbs up…,” while gesturing the No. 45 with his fingers.

Fans can catch up on all the Archie Griffin Day festivities from Wednesday at the social media accounts listed at the bottom of this page. 

July 17, 2013

It’s Officially Archie Griffin Day

We celebrate 45 days until kickoff to the 2013 football season by celebrating the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner – the one and ONLY Archie Griffin. 

Archie Griffin Day Did You Knows

UNPRECEDENTED Before winning his record two Heisman trophies in 1974 & ’75, Archie Griffin finished fifth in the final voting in 1973. However, he was runner-up when it came to Buckeyes in the final voting as teammate John Hicks placed second behind Penn State’s John Cappelletti.

STUDENT-ATHLETE After graduating a quarter early, Archie Griffin received the NCAA’s prestigious Top Five Award for combined excellence in athletics, academics and leadership.

GIFTED Archie set the single-game rushing record in just his second college game appearance, gaining 239 yards vs. North Carolina in 1972.

LEGEND Archie holds two of the Top 5 all-time single game rushing totals, ranking 3rd with 246 vs. Iowa in 1973 and 4th with 239 vs. UNC in ’72. 

ICON Archie Griffin’s famed No. 45 was retired Oct. 30, 1999 … a 41-11 Buckeye win over Iowa, by the way.

TRENDSETTER In 1973, Archie became the first OSU sophomore to rush for 1,000 yards (1,577) and was named a first-team All-American and Big Ten Player of the Year.  

EXPLOSIVE Archie Griffin’s 6.0 career yards per carry average still ranks No. 1 at OSU with a minimum of 350 attempts.

DEPENDABLE Archie’s career rushing average of 121.5 yards per game still ranks No. 1 at OSU.  Jim Otis (1967-69) is second at 94.1 & Beanie Wells is third at 93.9.

DURABLE Archie Griffin, listed at 5-9, 182 lbs., carried the ball a total of 924 times in four years at OSU. No other Buckeye has rushed even 700 times in their careers.

CONSISTENT Archie still holds the record for most consecutive games of rushing for 100 yards or more at 31.

PRIMETIME PLAYER Archie is the only player to ever start four Rose Bowl games.

HOMAGE Only one player has worn the No. 45 since Archie Griffin’s final play with the Buckeyes in the 1976 Rose Bowl – Andy Katzenmoyer, an All-American linebacker from 1996-98.

NOTORIETY “His rare blend of speed and power and his unique ability to break tackles have made him the premier running back in Ohio State history.” – 1975 Ohio State Football Media Guide.

LEADERSHIP Since 2004, Archie Griffin has served as the pres. And CEO of the Ohio State Alumni Assoc. In 2006, he was ranked in the NCAA’s “100 Most Influential Student-Athletes.”