SG&G program has collected more than 200 million tons of recyclables since 2007 season

Don’t forget to show your Buckeye Pride and recycle! 

Have you ever wondered how the recycling program works at home football games? The Ohio State University Athletics Department and Facilities Operations and Development’s Energy Services and Sustainability have partnered to ensure we are reducing our impact on the environment at all home football games. The Best Fans in the Land are OSU Buckeyes that recycle! Since 2007, we have recycled more than 253 tons of trash from football games with an average recycling rate of 41 percent.

Recycling Inside Ohio Stadium

Don’t see a recycling bin? Don’t worry. Waste Management collects all the trash from the stadium and retrieves the recyclable materials at their sorting facility. Do not forget to check for the recycling statistics on the scoreboard during the game.

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Recycling in the tailgate lots

Recycling in tailgate lots for home Buckeye games is easy. Tailgaters are encouraged to bring their own bags for recycling or they can look for the recycling bags provided by the University. Recycling can be placed in one of the many red recycling dumpsters in the lots.  Rumpke of Ohio collects the recycling and trash after the game and sorts it all at their facility in Columbus. 

Tips to Green-over your Tailgate

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  • 1. Use local and/or organic foods, beverages, and condiments (ask your caterer about these options).
  • 2. Opt for products in bulk; choose minimal or recyclable packaging (avoid single-serving packaging).
  • 3. Incorporate reusable items such as plates, silverware, cups, tablecloths, napkins, etc.
  • 4. Choose eco-friendly power sources such as propane (with a trade-in option), biofuel, solar, pedal, and rechargeable batteries.