September 25, 2017

Marine Leadership Training for the Buckeyes


Sept. 25, 2017


The Marine Corps Officer Selection Team of Columbus visited Ohio State Men’s Volleyball for the second year in a row, putting the Buckeyes through some Marine leadership training sessions.

The three-hour experience began with the Marines and members of the volleyball squad discussing the Marine Corps’ 14 ‘Leadership Traits‘ and how they apply to volleyball and real-life situations.

A half dozen three-member teams then competed in a series of seven stations which put all 14 leadership traits to the test while also physically testing the participants. Three stations were LRCs (Leadership Reaction Course) designed to test mental strength and problem solving while under duress. Four additional stations concentrated more heavily on the teams’ physical strength, but also forced teamwork in order to achieve the highest score. After the seven stations concluded, the day was wrapped up with a game of Hoover Ball (volleyball played with a medicine ball).