Justin Cook currently leads all Buckeye scorers with 10 points (4 goals and 2 assists).

Ohio State men’s soccer senior captain Justin Cook will accept and answer questions at 1:30 p.m. Friday in an online chat session on Fans may submit questions before and/or during the chat session.

Cook and the Buckeyes host Wisconsin at 2 p.m. Sunday in Ohio State’s Big Ten opener. Last Friday in a 7-4 win over Bowling Green, Cook notched his second-consecutive five point outing when he scored two goals and had an assist. Cook also had two goals and an assist last Sunday in Ohio State’s 4-2 win over Virginia Tech at the Penn State/Nike Classic. Cook leads OSU in scoring with 10 points (4 goals, 2 assists) and now has 25 career goals and 13 career assists.

Sunday will mark the beginning of a three match home stand for Ohio State that also includes matches against Michigan State Oct. 10 and Louisville Oct. 13. The Buckeyes are 3-2-1 in their last six matches and are coming off an eight-goal weekend that included a Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium record seven goals scored in the win over Bowling Green.

Cook has already etched his name in the Ohio State soccer record books. He ranks fourth all-time in goals scored (25), third in total points (63) and sixth in assists (13). In 2000 Cook set several OSU freshman records with 10 goals, six assists, 26 points and 54 shots on his way to being named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year. He is a two-time NSCAA All-Great Lakes Region and All-Ohio selection and was picked as a second team All-Big Ten honoree three times (2000, ’01, ’02).

Justin: Hi everyone, thanks for sending in your questions and please feel free to send in more as the hour goes on.
Rod (Short North): what was it that drew you into coming to Ohio State?
Justin: It definitely was the coaching staff and the facilities as well as the tradition here at Ohio State
Dad (Charlotte): Is it true that you owe all of your success to your previous captain (1999-2000)and one of the greatest players in OSU history to wear the number #2 on his jersey?
Justin: Yeah he was a great captain but now he has retired and is a family man. He can’t quite move like he used to.
Dad (Charlotte): Can you scores some more points and win some games so I can tell people that I used to whip up on somebody good during my years at OSU? Best of Luck this year Cookie. Make the most of it.
Justin: Good to hear from you Chad, tell Beth I said hello and stay in touch
jennifer: so what year are you exactly?
Justin: This would be my sixth year although only my fourth year of playing due to two medical redshirts
Daryl Brazeau: What is it like scoring the game winning goal in the PDL Championship match? who is the toughest, meanest defender you have ever faced?
Justin: Scoring that goal was amazing since it was in my hometown in front of a lot of friends and family. The toughest defender I ever faced was J.P.
Todd (Chicago): Cookie, are you really engaged? What type of effect has this had on your soccer career? Is Todd Grossnickle going to the Ohio State soccer hall of fame?
Justin: Hi todd- Yes I am engaged and it has really helped my career since she is very supportive of everything I do. If Todd doesn’t make the soccer hall of fame, something is really wrong here
Nicole (Sunbury): Justin, has your game changed since your freshman year?
Justin: of course- As a player you constantly have to be trying to improve and change your game for the better. The coaching staff has done a wonderful job of improving my game and showing me that I still have a lot yto learn
Keith (Delaware): Justin, you have had to sit out two seasons because of injury. Has that been the biggest challenge in your collegiate career?
Justin: Definitely- It is always difficult to watch your team play and know that you can’t do anything to help. It has made me appreciate everything I have a lot more though
Stephanie Plunkett (Orlando, FL): How do you feel your soccer career at Oviedo High School has prepared you for such a phenomenal performance as a Buckeye? And how’s the knee?
Justin: Hi stef- it’s been a long time, hope you are doing well. I had a great coach at Oviedo and he prepared me the best he could for the college game. I was very lucky. The knees are holding up so far and feel ok
Sasha (Oviedo): How did it feel to finally win a National Championship as a soccer player? What’s it like to finally graduate with a degree?
Justin: It was an awesome feeling but not as good as playing with the great russian czar sasha barber. Having a degree is great you should try it sometime.
Carter (Delaware): Hi Justin, Go Bucks! What is your favorite thing about playing soccer for Ohio State?
Justin: it definitely has to be the team. The guys are great and the coaching staff is one of the best in the country. If I didn’t enjoy everything about this team, I wouldn’t have stayed for six years
Matt (Marysville): Justin, hope you guys knock off Indiana in the Big Ten tournament like you did in 2000. Has that been your biggest thrill as a Buckeye?
Justin: Definitely- but to follow that win up with a Big ten championship was just as good if not better
LeAnn (Marion): Justin, have you been thinking about the MLS draft and where you might get picked?
Justin: I try not to think about it too much because I really want to focus on this season but it is difficult. I would like to go in the early part of the draft but anything that gets my foot in the door is ok with me.
jason(san diego): Justin, you’ve exploded for a lot of goals and assists great job!, how do you see the rest of the year shaping up for you and the team?
Justin: It looks really good, we have a lot of young talent that with a few more games will be solid players for us. This team has a lot of opportunity to go far.
Dad (Charlotte): What kind of pressures to do you face, being that this is your sixth year, facing some of best marking backs in the country while trying to make your case for a pro career?
Justin: I think the most important thing is to be a good leader for the team, everything else will fall into place after that
Davey (Born and bred in TN): Cookie, How many years have you been playing at Ohio State? Weren’t you there when Woody Hayes was the football coach? Best of luck this weekend and keep the boys going strong.
Justin: Funny dave-thats good, really!See you at the games. Put in a good word for me with Andrulis!
John (Upper Sandusky): Justin, if OSU doesn’t win the Big Ten tournament, what kind of record do you think the team needs to have to get picked for the NCAA tournament?
Justin: First we have to have a record above .500, also we need a couple big wins against ranked opponents and that should do it
Justin: Thanks for the questions everybody and hopefully we will see some of you at the games. Go Bucks!