Senior Kevin Hall

Ohio State senior golfer Kevin Hall answered questions during a live chat at 9 a.m. Tuesday on Hall and the Buckeyes are preparing for the 2004 Big Ten Tournament this weekend in Ann Arbor, Mich. The Buckeyes will vie for their 23rd Big Ten title in program history.

Mark (Dublin): Hi Kevin. Congratulations on a successful season so far. First of all, I wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration to many of us. Second, being deaf, I wonder how difficult it is to turn off your brain (self-talk when golfing)? How do you do this? Does your team work with a sport psychologist?
Kevin: yeah the team works with a sports psychologist throughout the season– sam maniar .. we work on visualization when we play golf, it helps with mental distractions we have on the golf course. we work on other things as well. sam has been a lot of help for all of us.
tiffanie, chicago: what do you expect to shoot this week? do you expect to win?
Kevin: i cant expect a specific score, i just expect to play my best. i also expect the team to win. we’re good enough to do it.
Jennifer (Cleveland): Hi Kevin. I have been reading more and more about the mental side of golf lately. What are your feelings about this? What do you think about sport psychology? Do you have a mental coach? Could you recommend any books on the topic?
Kevin: a mental coach can help your golf game. golf isnt entirely physical, golf requires that you have a strong mental game. you have so many distractions in your mind and your mind messes up your golf swing more than you think. i read a book recently, by dr. joseph parent (zen golf)– it is a really good book that i would recommend anyone to read.
Scott (Columbus): Kevin, what are your chances to win the Big Ten this year? What advantages/disadvantages does OSU have this year?
Kevin: our chances to win the big ten this year are good. we have 4 seniors who have had experience in big tournaments in the past and a freshman who is mature beynond his years. if we just play our games and to our potential, we will not have a problem competing for the championship. our advantages? experience. thats about all i can say– disadvantages? making the same mistakes over and over. if we can just eliminate the small mistakes that cost us big time, we will do just fine.
Greg (Dublin): Which course, that you play during the season is your favorite? and why?
Kevin: my favorite course is the guyan country club in west virginia because it is my kind of course. it’s short but tight off the tee and you have to play for position. its also a course where you have a lot of wedges in your hand and i’m pretty good with my wedges. i like a course that doesnt let you just bomb away off the tee, you have to think your way around it.
Justin (Cincinnati): How does it feel to win your second Big Ten player of the week award weeks ago?
Kevin: it hasnt hit me yet. im sure as i reflect back on my last season when it’s all over, it will all hit me. i do have to say that i feel proud about the accomplishment.
Tom (Cincy): Hi Kevin. All of us in Cincy are proud of you. What is the hardest part of the game for you?
Kevin: the hardest part of my game is my patience. i tend to lose my patience quickly and sometimes i lose strokes because of it. it happens to all of us. i’m impatient, i want results. it’s a learning process, i’m quickly learning that i need to be calm and cool out there from my first shot to the last. also thanks for letting me know that everyone in cincy is proud. feels good to hear it. smile.
Andy, Columbus: Have you enjoyed your time at Ohio State? What is your best memory? Good luck in the Big Ten!
Kevin: yes i have enjoyed my time at ohio state– one of my best years of my life. my best memory is all the friends i have made here and the fun times i’ve had with them.
Jack (North Palm Beach): What things must you do at Big Ten’s to bring home the title?
Kevin: the course we are playing on requires that you drive it straight, be able to putt, and get up and down if you miss a green. you can’t bomb away off the tee. you have to concentrate on positions. you also have to be able to have soft hands on the greens dealing with the slopes and specifically, speed. basically, drive it straight, get it on the green, make birdie or par (preferably par if you dont have a realistic run at birdie) and we will do well.
Buckmark (Birmingham, AL): Kevin…congrats on a solid year so far. Who will be the five players competing at the Big 10 championships and which of the younger players has been showing the greatest potential for the future? Also… what tournaments do you plan to compete in this summer? Will you attempt to qualify for the PGA Tour?
Kevin: colin biles, zach doran, brett williams, scott anderson and myself. i think that right now i see a lot of potential in colin. he drives it long and straight, has a solid short game and probably the best attitude on the team. he’s only a freshman but he has played a large majority of the tournaments. the experience he’s gained in such a short time will serve him well in the future. other players will follow his lead and the team will be a very good one. i am competing in a lot of USGA tournaments and some big amateur events. i will also try to monday qualify for a few nationwide tournaments. as far as the PGA tour is concerned, we’ll have to see how i do throughout the years, i still have to learn some more about the game.
John Schlessman; Sandusky, Ohio: Kevin, My son, Alan, always admired your game, abilities, and your purpose. You are a great role model! If possible, would you be able to attend our 2nd annual golf clinic June 21st? You would be a great speaker! The program is to promote golf to underpriveleged youth of Sandusky. Let me know your address and I’ll send information. Most importantly, best of luck in Ann Arbor! Is Justin Collins going to play? I was surprised by his scoring this year. Go Bucks! John
Kevin: i am not sure if justin will play at ann arbor. as for june 21st, i would be happy to– just contact coach and he will give you my address. i am not sure i can attend, though, i think it falls at the same time as a tournament at home. my dad will let you know.
Danny (Cleveland): What would you consider to be the strongest part of your game? The weakest? What do you do to try to improve on your weakness?
Kevin: i think the strongest part of the game is my driving, i keep it in play off the tee. if i dont get caught in the idea of bombing it off the tee and just swinging 75 percent, i’m good at hitting the fairways. the weakest part of my game, i think, is my bunker play. i have not been very consistent at getting down in two from the bunker. my iron play has been disappointing as of late but i try to work on my weaknesses thru various drills. coach brown has a great knowledge of the swing and he’s helping me with that right now.
Bill Columbus: What is your major? When do you graduate? Good luck and keep working hard.
Kevin: my major is journalism. i graduate next spring. thanks, i’ll keep working hard!!
colin (columbus): Hey Kevin, it’s biles. I’m sittin at home sick, i woke up to talk to you on this thing. What makes you so good? Is it your roomates on the road?! haha, just teasin. What do you plan on doing after you and your team win big tens?!
Kevin: hey son, i hope you are getting better, we need you back and ready to play well at the big tens!! i dont know what i plan on doing after we win. the immediate goal is to get to NCAA’s, you know that and we’re gonna do well there. in the meantime, get better.
Fred, Columbus: I noticed you said that your strongest part of your game is driving. Are you a good putter, too?
Kevin: yeah i am a good putter, i get streaky at times but it’s consistent. according to my stats i keep at home, i average 29.8 putts. i’d like to get it to 28 but for the most part my putting game is good.
Brian; Indianapolis, IN: Hey Kevin. Great to see you at OSU the other weekend. What sticks are you playing these days?
Kevin: im playing the big bertha pro series driver, callaway three wood, and the taylor made rescue. i have the titleist cavity back irons and the new CG10 wedges. i’m putting with the odyssey white hot #2.
Sam Dublin: Does the team play any other course in Columbus? Which is your favorite?
Kevin: yes we play other courses when the scarlet course is busy with another tournament. my favorite, hands down, is the scioto country club.
Kevin: thanks to everyone who participated in this online chat. i appreciated the questions and i was happy to answer. again, thanks!!!