Jenna Harris has already provisionally qualified for the 2005 NCAA Indoor Championships in both the 60m and 200m.

In just her second season with Ohio State, Jenna Harris has sprinted to the top of the Big Ten performance lists in the women’s 60 and 200-meter dashes. Last week at the Iowa State Classic, Harris won the 60m in a personal-best time of 7.42, which topped the 7.45 she ran to place second at the prestigious Millrose Games in Madison Square Garden a week earlier. Harris also has excelled in the 200m, timing 24.17 and 24.16 in back-to-back weeks.

Harris, who has provisionally qualified for the 2005 NCAA Indoor Championships in both the 60m and 200m, also anchored the Buckeye 4×400-meter relay team to a season-best mark of 3:48.85 at the Iowa State Classic Saturday.

The native of Somerset, New Jersey will be available for an online web chat at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 17.

Dennis (Great Falls VA): How long have you been running?
Jenna: I’ve been running since I was 11.
Rob (Columbus): Jenna, What goals, records or marks did you set for yourself at the beginning of the season? Have you had to adjust those goals due to all of the success you’ve had so far this season?
Jenna: My goals for this indoor season were to finisih in the top three in the 60 m and the 200m at Big Tens.
Amy (Upper Arlington): Do you prefer the indoor or outdoor season and why?
Jenna: I prefer outdoor track as opposed to indoor track because the turns on an outdoor track are not as sharp as they are indoors.
Jose(Columbus, OH): Jenna, what do you do to get mentally prepared for a big race?
Jenna: I try to avoid as many distractions as I can. I get into a zone and just focus on the task at hand. I try not to have too many conversations with other people before my race.
Larry Johnson Milwalkee: my question is, what kind of shot do you think you have at NCAAs?
Jenna: I am currently ranked #20 on the national list in the 60m. By the time NCAA’s come, I wish to be ranked a lot higher.
Shelley (Cambridge, MA): Hi Jenna! Are the 2008 Olympics your ultimate goal?
Jenna: The 2008 Olympics are a goal for me.
Phaedra (groveport): Have you ever ran cross country to build endurance?
Jenna: In high school I trained during the cross country season. I and some of the other sprinters would run the first half of the race to build endurance.
Phaedra (Groveport): Have you ever run first leg in the 4×400?
Jenna: I ran the first leg of the 4×400 one time last year during outdoor season.
Robert (Dublin): Of all the tracks that you have ran on, do you have a favorite? Why? For you, what makes one track “faster” than another?
Jenna: My favorite indoor track is at the 168th St. Armory in NYC. I used to run there all the time in high school. My favorite outdoor track is the one here at OSU.
Paul (Columbus): What is ur favorite event?
Jenna: My favorite event is the 200m.
Shirley (Baltimore, MD): Do you have any aspirations of going to the olympics?
Jenna: I would definitely like to make it to the Olympics one day.
Jennifer Ogbuehi: Is practice hard?
Jenna: Practice in college is a whole lot harder then it was in high school.
Melinna (Somerset): How do you balance track and school work?
Jenna: Balancing track and school is a challenge. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for a social life, especially during the season. School comes before track. The main reason I’m in school is to get an education.
Paul Columbus: Did u see yourself doing this well this soon in your college career?
Jenna: I knew that coming from high school track to college track would be a major adjustment. It was difficult at times last year so I am very pleased that I am doing so well right now.
Stan (Somerset): What are your favorite events?
Jenna: My favorite events are the 200m and 4x100m.
Phaedra (Groveport): What events did you run in High school?
Jenna: I did just about everything in high school. I ran the 100, 200, 400, 4×100, 4×200, 4×400, 100 m hurdles. I also did LJ and HJ.
gahanna: what is your highest record
Jenna: My fastest time in the 60m is 7.41, in the 200- 23.82, in the 400- 54.87, in the 100m- 11.74.
five alive (youngstown): i run track too. i’m pretty fast. how can i get faster? i wanna be really fast!
Jenna: Most importantly, you have to take care of yourself. You have to get enough sleep and eat nutritious foods. You have to listen to your coaches because they know a lot more about track than we do. Come to practice with a positive attitude and try your best. After that, everything will fall into place.
Paul Columbus: My favorite race is the 400. Do you see yourself running that event here at OSU?
Jenna: I ran the open 400 in high school, but I have only run on the 4×400 relay at OSU. I’m not sure if I will be running the open 400. That’s up to my coaches.
jessie (wilmot): who are you track idols? who do you model yourself after?
Jenna: My track role model used to be Marion Jones, but now with all the drug scandals going on, she’s not anymore. Right now I like Allison Felix.
Shelley (Cambridge, MA): What are your professional plans post-college and post-running?
Jenna: After college I would like to do something in sports marketing.
Phaedra (Groveport): During conditioning are you put on a strict diet or is it not that important ?
Jenna: We have sports nutritionists for our team. If we want to discuss our diets with them we can.
steph (upper arlington): how do you like running at jesse owens stadium? is it a fast track?
Jenna: The track at Jesse Owens stadium is my favorite outdoor track. It’s a very fast track.
laura (columbus): How have you trained to get lower times each week? What can i to better my times?
Jenna: We do a lot of sprint work at practice to bring our times down each week.
lindsey (cincinnati): what was it like to run at LSU last year? Is their track nice?
Jenna: It was really hot at LSU’s track for regionals last year. They have a really fast track.
Cindy (Akron): When does the outdoor season start for OSU? What is the biggest meet? what will you run in the outdoor? do you run the 100?
Jenna: Outdoor season starts at the beginning of April. Our biggest meet is Big Ten Championships. I run the 100m as well, my fastest time is 11.74.
Brian (Baltimore): What are your plans after college? Where do you see yourself? Oh yeah, and can a bruh get some tickets to the olympics 😉
Jenna: After college I would like to get my MBA and then do something in the field of sports marketing.
Jon (westerville): Track is such a long season, how do you get through it and stay healthy? did you run indoors in high school?
Jenna: It’s a challenge to stay healthy for track since it is such a long season. You have to take care of yourself. I get in the cold whirlpool after practice every day to prevent injuries. I did run indoor track in high school.
Jenna: Thanks for chatting with me everyone. We have a home meet this weekend. It would be nice if you can make it. Bye