Dave Caruso and the Buckeyes will host CCHA opponent, Miami, Thursday in Value City Arena.

Ohio State men’s hockey junior goalie Dave Caruso will be accepting and answering questions from fans in an online chat session at noon Wednesday at Fans may submit questions before and/or during the chat session.

Caruso, from Roswell, Ga., is the first player to grow up playing hockey in Atlanta to play for a NCAA Division I hockey team and is an avid country music fan.

He has started three games for the Buckeyes this season, posting a 2-1-0 record with a 2.63 goals-against average. He has a career gaa of 1.92 and a .924 save percentage in 25 games. Caruso backstopped the Buckeyes to the 2004 CCHA Super Six Tournament title, earning all-tournament team accolades as OSU won three games in three days.

The Buckeyes (2-2-0, 2-0-0 CCHA) open their home slate when they play host to Miami (4-0-0, 2-0-0 CCHA) at 7:05 p.m. Thursday in Value City Arena when the 2004 CCHA Championship banner will be raised in a pregame ceremony. The teams will complete the series at 7:35 p.m. Friday at Goggin Ice Arena in Oxford, Ohio.

Jim (Dublin): Hi Dave. Last year you really seemed to step-up your game. To me, you didn’t look as nervous out there, and you were much more confident. It’s like something just clicked for you. What do you attribute this to?
Dave: I felt really comfortable most of the year last year. I think it was just being able to play my game by having fun out there. When I started to listen to country music before games it made me more relaxed.
Your #1 Fan (Columbus): When is “ON THE ROAD” coming back?!?
Dave: On the Road will be showing up real soon. It is written but it needs to be typed. You should see it late this week or early next week.
Theresa (Jackson): What is the best thing about playing hockey?
Dave: The best thing about playing hockey is the cohesiveness of the guys on the team. We are like a family and we are there for the good times and bad times, but more good times than anything else.
Norcross: What is your most memorable hockey moment?
Dave: My most memorable hockey moment is winning the CCHA Championship last year. We really played well as a team and it was a lot of fun. By the way, the banner ceremony for the championship is tomorrow at 7pm. We are playing Miami.
Chamique (Columbus): Do you have an NHL goaltender that you like to model your game after?
Dave: I don’t try to model my game after one particular person. But I do try to take a few things from different goalies. I really like Martin Brodeur and Miikka Kiprusoff.
Andrew Zibrik (Cincinnati): How did you start your ice hockey career growing up in Atlanta? Why did you decide to play college hockey? Why did you choose Ohio State?
Dave: I started my ice hockey actually in New York. I lived there until I was 7 and then moved to Georgia. In Georgia there was a travel team for every age. However, goalies didn’t have to pay because they did not have enough goalies. As a mite I would play for the mite team as well as the squirt team. I was always the only goalie on the travel team until bantams. I had all the ice time I could get. Ice hockey in Atlanta has really grown since I lived there with the Thrashers and all the roller hockey. There is a kid from Atlanta that is playing on Bowling Green and also a kid who will be going to North Dakota next year. Playing college hockey is unbelievable. To go to school and get a degree and play hockey is a great experience. I chose Ohio State because it fit. I liked the big school atmosphere. Coming from the south, I always wanted to go to Auburn or Georgia, so when I got a chance to attend to come here, I jumped on the opportunity.
Jessica (Hillsboro, OH): I know you are a big Tim McGraw fan, so what is your favorite song of his, and does it relate to hockey??
Dave: My favorite song right now is How Bad Do You Want It by Tim. He just made a video for the song that was on Monday Night Football. The song is great. It is my motto this year.
Morgan (Columbus): What advice would you give to a young child interested in playing hockey?
Dave: I would say to play different sports. Another thing to do is to make sure you are having fun. Because hockey, most importantly is about having fun. During the winter play hockey and during the spring and summer play any sport. I played baseball.
P B & J: Caruso we love you! You are one of the sweetest guys around! We wanted to wish you luck this season and we’ll be seeing you soon! Go Bucks and COWBOY UP
Dave: thanks!!!!!
Tim (Hilliard): Other than music, what helps you relax out there?
Dave: I try to count my breaths I take. That is something that has really helped me too.
Jake (Columbus): Who do you like more, Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson? Why?
Dave: Between those two I would have to go with probably Britney, but I really like Jessica and Avril Lavigne. But the girl that I really like is Martina McBride. I saw her in concert and she was unbelievable.
Cois (Roswell): Hey Caruso, remember me? What’s it like to finally realize your goals and start in Div I Hockey?
Dave: It’s a great feeling. I love being able to play hockey and go to school at such a great school.
Charlene: Why did you pick the No. 1?
Dave: I picked the number 1 because my Uncle Lou was that number.
Brent (Columbus): Who do you think is the strongest player on your team?
Dave: I think Rod Pelley is the strongest teammate overall. He is like a mack truck.
Big Pappa, Grove City: If you have a chance to score a goal would you do it if the outcome could be an icing and a faceoff in your end?
Dave: I would definatley not miss the net and we would have to be up by at least two goals in order to do it.
Dave: I am sorry to say, I have to leave this chat session. I have to go to practice to get ready for our game against Miami tomorrow at 7pm. Be sure to come out to see us raise the banner and play for the crest on our chest. Thanks for the questions, check back, I’m going to try do this again because I really enjoyed it. Sorry I didn’t get to a lot of the questions, i was overwhelmed with the amount of you who sent questions. Thanks again!!!!