Buckeye junior defenseman Nate Guenin.

Buckeye junior defenseman Nate Guenin will be accepting and answering questions from fans in an online chat session at 12:30 Wednesday (Jan. 19) at Fans may submit questions before and/or during the chat session.

Guenin, from Pittsburgh, Pa., is in his second season as an alternate captain for the team. He was an honorable mention All-CCHA selection last year and was the only non-senior to earn a spot on the CCHA All-Academic First Team. He has played in 92 games as a Buckeye, posting five goals and 30 assists for 35 points.

After a two-game series at Notre Dame this weekend, the Buckeyes return home for a four-game homestand. The team will play host to league-leading Michigan Friday and Saturday, Jan. 21-22 and then face off against Western Michigan Jan. 28-29.

Keith (Youngstown): Nate, I remember you playing with the Pittsburgh Hornets, how has that influenced your hockey career?
Nate: I can’t say enough about the Hornet organization and what I learned from growing up playing hockey in Pittsburgh. The greatest thing I learned was that we had to go out and earn respect…nobody was going to hand it to us…that is something all of us carried with us until this day along with that blue collar work ethic that signifies the steel city.
JB (pittsburgh): Have you ever thought about changing your name to NG like JB?
Nate: Even though Bits is a big role model for me I don’t plan on going with the initials.
Casey (west portsmouth, OH): Nate, This weekend is obviously the biggest series of the season. With all the youth on the team, what do you do as a veteran to help calm everyone down, but yet let them know how much these games mean? good luck this weekend, just bought super 6 tickets!!!
Nate: Our younger guys don’t really need much to get them going. They all bring it day in and day out so there really isn’t much that us older guys have to do in that aspect. As far as the rivalry with Michigan, it will be an exciting weekend for everybody and this is what college hockey is all about.
Dave (Columbus): Who is your favorite roommate in your house? Why?
Nate: I would have to say Bryce because we never see him as he is always in his room talking with his girlfriend.
L.M.D.J. (Green Bay): Rumor has it you worked with Adam Burish at Coca-Cola in Green Bay, WI. What was your most memorable moment? Looking back, did you enjoy Green Bay?
Nate: Everyday working at Coca-Cola was a memorable moment for us! My time spent in Green Bay was absolutely unbelievable. I could not have asked to be in a better situation; Green Bay reminded me alot of back home in that both were hard working, blue-collar towns. I learned alot from my time spent up there and will carry those memories with me forever
Paul (Cleveland): I heard you are a big Browns fan, how did you become such a big Browns fan in Pittsburgh?
Nate: Let’s be honest!
Leanna(Dublin): How do you handle Caruso’s singing? It’s got to be tough living with the best car/shower singer around
Nate: What can i say….Caruso can sing!
Megan: What other sports did you play growing up? Which did you like best?
Nate: As soon as hockey season was over I would spend every single day down at the baseball fields. Hockey season was so long and baseball was a good relief. I always wanted to play football but it conflicted with hockey season.
Michelle(Marysville): Who was your role model growing up?
Nate: My mom and dad without a doubt. As any hockey parent and they will tell you it is quite a committment. The sacrifices they made for me to follow my dreams and have fun…words can’t express. Hockey wise…I always admired former Penguin defenseman Ulf Samuelsson
JC, Columbus: Hey Nate how do you feel and/or what do you think about what is going on in the NHL right now? And how do you think that will affect you after school? P.S. The Clarks Rock!
Nate: As fans of the game, all of us would like both sides to get a deal done so we can watch the game again. That is out of my control and nothing for me to worry about. And yes, the Clarks do rock!
Tom (Knoxville, TN): Growing up did you play as a defenseman only, or did you prefer playing as a forward?
Nate: Ha ha…Ask my teammates and they will tell you that I do not have the most offensive prowess around, but when I was real little we did play all the positions. I played strictly defense from squirts on up.
Justin Boggs- Columbus: After a thrilling game against Colorado College last month, are you in support of shootouts to settle a tie?
Nate: Even though it is great for the fans, I don’t feel that a shootout is a fair way to decide the game.
Ken, Toledo: How important is it for you guys to see a sell out crowd this weekend against michigan? Also how big is it going to be to get off to a good start on Friday to show michigan you guys are here to play? Thanks and see you this weekend
Nate: All of the guys are looking forward to this weekend’s sellout. Any time we can get a large crowd in the arena is great and we all appreciate the support from our fans. Any time our two schools get together, no matter what the sporting even is, the atmosphere reaches a whole new level. It should be an exciting weekend.
Grit (Hopewell) PA: Nate, I really enjoy watching you play hockey for the Buckeyes. You definitely have a future in the game. My question is…”If you had a chance to play defense with any partner including the following… Paul Coffey – Edmonton/Pittsburgh, Nicklas Lidstom – Detroit, Guy Lapointe – Montreal/St Louis/Boston, Dave Gratta – Pittsburgh (Adult League) or Scott Stevens – New Jersey, who would you choose??
Nate: Easiest question yet…Dave Gratta hands down.
Rags: Do you think hockey players should have long hair or short hair under their helmets while playing?
Nate: I know Rags….get a haircut once a month…I still have the card on my bulletin board in my bedroom.
Napoleon (Preston, Idaho): What is your favorite movie right now? who is your favorite character in it and why?
Nate: Thanks Napoleon. Tell Kip Caruso said hello.
Timmy (Kalamazoo): Dear Nate, Did you really win the spelling bee in sixth grade? What is the hardest word you’ve ever had to spell?
Nate: Yes, I did indeed win the sixth grade spelling bee…
Ted (Mesa): Who is the strongest player on the team
Nate: Rockin Rod Pelley
Brittany (Columbus): Living in a house with seven of your teammates must be difficult at times, who is the most annoying?
Nate: Living in a house with 7 of your teammates is great. I’m sure we all get on each other’s nerves once in awhile, but it has been a great experience (so far). There’s never a shortage of laughs or good times at the house.
Jack (Hilliard): Dear Nate, I’ve heard that the hockey team has a pretty sweet band. Are you in any way a part of this musical genius? You seem like the kind of guy who rocks out!
Nate: I lack the musical talent to be a part of an up and coming band such as Shorthanded. Johan, Johnny Dingle, Stracks, and JB are sounding great and I believe their first album comes out this spring.
Vincent (Columbus): I know you’ve had some great performances here at OSU, but of all the games you have played in your college career, what has been the greatest victory for you as a player?
Nate: Last year at the Joe winning the Mason Cup. Even though I wasn’t out on the ice, to watch my teammates play as hard as they did in those three nights was awesome.
Lee (pittsburgh): I am your biggest fan. Is your dream to one day win Stanley’s Cup? If so, what would you do on your one day with Stanley’s Cup?
Nate: Good question Lee…I’m sure every hockey player has thought of what they would like to do in their one day with Lord Stanley…I couldn’t really tell you right now…Hopefully one day I will have to make that decision.
Nate: Time to head to the rink. Thanks everybody for all the questions.