Junior leftfielder Steve Caravati

Ohio State junior leftfielder Steve Caravati answered questions during a live chat at 1 p.m. Thursday on Caravati was tabbed the Big Ten Baseball Player of the Week for the second time in three weeks after batting .579 against Bowling Green and in the four-game sweep of Indiana last week. The Buckeyes are tied for first place in the Big Ten standings with Penn State and Minnesota and will play host to the Nittany Lions at Bill Davis Stadium in a four-game series Saturday through Monday. Fans are encouraged to submit questions in advance or participate live during the chat.

Steve: Hey Sports Fans! I’m ready to answer your questions.
chillicothe: Tell us something about your teammates? Who is the funniest? Loudest? Quietiest? Serious? Best groomed? Worst groomed?
Steve: Trent Luyster is the funniest. Kris Moorman is the loudest. Jason Zoeller is the quietest. Josh Newman is the most serious. I am the best groomed, but Kelly Houser is the worst.
Rich, Dublin: Steve: Do you plan on playing professional baseball next year?
Steve: Yeah, if everything works out at the end of the year.
Canton: Who were your high school coaches and how did they prepare you for college baseball? Do you still stay in touch?
Steve: Doug Burtscher and Dan Roseberry were my high school coaches. They really helped me develop as a hitter my senior year and gave me the confidence to not only hit for average, but for power.
Portsmouth, OH: Hi Steve, You are having a great season. I follow you guys alot. I was wondering if you could comment on the relationships you have been able to make with the recruiting class that Coach Todd brought in in the fall of 2001. He has been quoted on saying that was one of the best recruiting classes he ever brought to Ohio State. How has that been and how will you guys use that in your last few games of the season? GO BUCKS and BEAT PENN STATE!
Steve: My class is extremely close since we have been together now for four years. Even though Christian Snavely and Matt Davis got drafted, we all still keep in touch. Not only do we possess good baseball skills, but we are also good people too.
Renee Jauque( Dover): Steven, What is your reasoning for your Success the past month or so? Has there been any changes you have made recently?
Steve: Taking extra batting practice every day, before and after we practice. Also, watching film of previous games has helped me fix what was wrong with my swing.
Aunt Mary Lou (New Philadelphia): We are so proud of you!!!! My question is what is your fondest baseball memory? You’ve had a lot of them. We’ll be there next weekend to cheer you and the team on to victory! Love you a bunch!
Steve: Winning the regional at Auburn last year. Going in as the underdog, we felt we had nothing to lose and we just went out there and had fun.
Randy Edwards: What are the chances of OSU winning the Big Ten Chanpionship and post season tournamnt. Your schedule seems to favor the Buckeyes.
Steve: We are looking to take one game at a time. We obviously have an advantage of playing at home the next two weekends before going to Minnesota. Hopefully, we can take care of things at home and then be in a position to win at Minnesota.
Ashley (Columbus): What do you think about your team chemistry?
Steve: Right now our team is starting to develop its own character. We are all starting to gel at the right time, not only on the field but off the field.
Ken Baum, Toledo: Hi Steve i have enjoyed watching you play the last couple of years. I have a couple of questions. My first question is How important is it to get the Big Ten tournament in Columbus this year? I know i really dont want to travel to minnesota for a 3rd straight year. What do you think will have to happen for you guys to host a regional? Thanks for your time and See you this weekend
Steve: Obviously it is extremely important to host the Big Ten tournament at home this year. We definitely do not want to be on the road as much as we were last year. Hosting the Big Ten tournament and hosting a regional are still not out of the question.
Solly Sammartino – Minneapolis, MN: I’m a huge Buckeye fan and very excited to get to see you guys up here! How do you see the series with the University of Minnesota going?
Steve: We are not worried about them right now. We are focused on this weekend against Penn State. If we don’t care of business of Penn State and Northwestern at home, the Minnesota series won’t mean anything.
Alan (Reynoldsburg): Congratulations on your recent Big 10 Player of the Week accolades. Obviously your bat has been very hot lately. Is there anything that you are doing different as far as your approach at the plate goes from the beginning of the season to this point?
Steve: Being patient at the plate. Trying to work counts now has helped me lay off bad pitches early in the count.
Kelly from Columbus: Hi Steve! I heard that your nicknames are “Irv Gotti” and “Hum Seabiscuit”. These names sound interesting….would you expound? Thanks!
Steve: Mike Rabin gave me Irv Gotti as a nickname. It is sort of an italian connection. Hum Seabiscuit came from my dog because he is as big as a horse.
Heath, Dayton: Do you think you have the team this year to get to College World Series? If so, in what areas do you think you have to improve in the most to get there?
Steve: We definitely have the team to get to the College World Series. I just think we need to start playing as a team and gel together at the right time.
Joe, Columbus: Hey Steve, considerng how you’re tearing the cover off the ball in recent weeks you’re making us Buckeye fans a little worried that you won’t be back for your senior year. Say it ain’t so??
Steve: My number one goal is to get a college degree and whatever develops from baseball is just an added bonus. I’ll be graduating in one year and I want to finish up school.
Dieselburg: Steve, I have been to many of the home games and have heard the reference “Steve, what do you know about Seabiscuit?” can you shed some light on this? Thanks
Steve: Seabiscuit is the name of our dog. Whenever somebody says something about Seabuscuit it helps me relax in the batters box. I just see his dumb face in my mind.
C-bus: Are you planning on playing ball in the summer? I heard you might be playing in Cali, is that true?
Steve: I am going to be playing in Lake Havasu, Arizona with Paul Farinacci and Mike Rabin.
Heath, Dayton: Who is your favorite MLB team and player?
Steve: I’m a Tribe fan and my favorite player is John McDonald.
Joe, Westerville: Are the Buckeyes ready for a big weekend against Penn State?
Steve: Yes, we’re having a team cookout on Friday at my house to help relax the team going into the weekend. We are excited about the weekend and playing at home. The next two days of practice we will work on things we need to improve on.
Jenna, Columbus: Steve are you single??
Steve: I am currently taken, sorry.
Helen, South Korea: Steve you are having a great year, rumor has it you are pretty crazy in the locker room, any good stories?
Steve: There are some good stories, but some things are not appropriate for this chat. Some things must remain in the lockerroom.
Max(dover): My question is when are you coming home to see me?
Steve: As soon as the season is over I’m riding Seabuscuit home to see you.
Steve: Thanks for submitting your questions. I hope everyone can make it out to Bill Davis Stadium this weekend for the series with Penn State. Remember, the series begins Saturday at 1 p.m.