Ohio State senior midfielder Heather Miller.

Buckeye women’s soocer senior Heather Miller will be accepting and answering questions from fans in an online chat session at 11:00 AM EST Friday at Fans may submit questions before and/or during the chat session.

Heather Miller, a senior midfielder on the Ohio State women’s soccer team, has contributed to a Buckeye club that has reached new heights in each of her four seasons. As a freshman, Miller helped the Buckeyes recorded a pair of Top 10 upsets over Connecticut and Penn State. In her sophomore campaign, the Buckeyes won the Big Ten tournament and gained the program’s first NCAA tournament trip. Last season, Miller and the Buckeyes posted the best record in team history and won in the NCAA tourney for the first time. This season, Miller and her teammates were ranked as high as 10th in the preseason polls. Last week, Miller was the catalyst behind an 8-1 victory over Xavier as she matched an OSU all-time record with three goals.

Jessica (Columbus): Who is your favorite team to compete against?
Heather: Penn State is usually one of the biggest games of the season. Three years ago we ended Penn State’s record consecutive Big Tens wins so we have become pretty big rivals!
holly cram columbus: how hard is it to balance soccer, school and a social life? by the way you’re awesome. miss ya and ill see you in a few weeks
Heather: Being a student-athlete is all about time management. Using the university resources and asking for help is a key to getting everything done.
Josh (philadelphia): Hey im an incomming freshman to ohio state. Give me 3 reasons why I should come out and watch your games.
Heather: Hi Josh, First of all, we are the most appreciative team of our fans. We always recognize students who come to support us. It would be a great event to bring your friends from the dorms and get to experience Big Ten athletics.
Jenni (Hilliard): Hi Heather. It seems like your team always has some adversity to deal with–whether it’s an injury or bad luck. But you guys always seem to persevere. How do you stay so mentally strong? How does OSU appear to be mentally stronger than its opponents? What’s your secret?
Heather: Hi Jenni. That is a great question. As a program, we prepare everyday at training together in order to be mentally prepared in games. Our training is hard so that in games we are prepared for anything. We feel that adversity just makes us a stronger family and we deal with it together.
Darren Smith (Centerville- Go Bucks/Elks: Its hard to believe that you are a senior. When you walk away from the field as a player for the Buckeyes, what will you tell the younger players on your team about what it is to be a senior?
Heather: Hi Mr. Smith! The most important thing I would say about being a senior is how important it is to leave something behind for the program. As a senior class, we feel that it is our job to pass on the traditions of being a part of the Buckeye program to those who will carry on the program after us. Thanks for your question!
Fan from Columbus: I hear you guys have great fans, and I also heard of two crazy guys called “Super Fans” do you know them and how can I join them and be as crazy as they are? Thanks. Crazy Wannabe
Heather: We always appreciate crazy fans and all you have to do is show up for a game!
Mike: Josh, ill answer that one for heather. you should come watch 27 beautiful girls kick some butt on the soccer field and win a big ten championship. ive been to everygame since i have been here almost
Heather: That is a perfect answer!
Belldefontaine: Heather, My daughter is 12 years old, and loves to play soccer, she has been playing for 7 years now. She usually plays in full back position. She needs to improve her speed, and get a little more aggressive. As playing defense, she sometimes has problems with actually getting the ball when it is one on one, and they are coming at her. Any suggestions on how to improve these areas. She plans to play soccer in college, and I’m looking for ways to improve her. By the way we will be at the game tonight, and on the 24th. Look forward to watching you play. Thank you Jenny
Heather: Hi Jenny, Speed is an interesting area to ask about improvement. There are many different types of speed: speed of thought, quickness, decision making, etc. Actual athletic talent is something that is more natural than learned. While I am not the fastest player on our team, I use my smart decision making to make a difference on the field. If your daughter is not the most athletic player, she can certainly be a great player in other aspects. Thanks for your support this weekend as well.
Jack (Columbus): How does it feel to be a senior?
Heather: It is hard to believe that this is my last year at Ohio State. It is much more responsibility within the team, but it is also a great feeling to look back at all that the team has accomplished and know that our senior class has been played a huge role in our program’s success.
Stan Fulk (Sacremento Cal): Heather, no questions just reading about you out here on the road…continued success with your soccer…its a pleasure to watch you play….you are a big part of this buckeye team and together you all can really achieve this year…keep it up and go bucks!
Heather: Thank you for all your support!
Tom (Columbus): How does it feel to know you tied a single game goal record?
Heather: I didn’t know that I had tied the record until reading about the game online. I feel honored to hold a place among many great players from our past like Lindsay Eckles.
Semir (Linworth): What are your goals this season?
Heather: Our goals this season have been set extremely high. Our main goal is to reach the Final Four. Last year we lost in the second round of NCAAs so this year we are striving for more. We would also like to win a Big Ten Championship on our home turf!
Vicki: My daughter is a freshman in high school. She has a coach that doesn’t promote his players. He doesn’t help them get recruited. What is the best way for her to be accepted on a great team like OSU’s and when should she start the process?
Heather: Recruiting is a tireless process that in the end, is controlled entirely by the player. Coaches can help some with promoting, but the player herself should be the one most involved. I am most impressed by recruits that really make an effort to show me that they want to be a Buckeye. The recruiting process has been starting earlier and earlier every year so I would say it is never too early to show interest in a school. Attend games and let the team know that you are interested.
Ronald (Plain City): What has been your favorite memory over the past four years?
Heather: My favorite memory from the past four years has been winning the Big Ten Tournament championship in 2002. We beat Wisconsin 2-1 in the finals and earned the program’s first NCAA tournament bid.
Seth (Columbus): Why did you pick Ohio State?
Heather: I chose Ohio State because of all the opportunities, both on the field and in the classroom. The support of Ohio State athletics in the Columbus community is the best and the team offered me a place in their family. I am an accounting and finance major so I also really liked the business school. OSU pretty much has everything I wanted in a great community.
joyce-dayton: has the time and energy that soccer has taken away from your personal life at college been worth it?
Heather: Hi Mom! I dont think that soccer has taken anything away from my college experience. Actually, I think that being a student-athlete is a priviledge that not every student can experience. I have the best teammates and have learned more than just being in the classroom.
herbert (galion): What was it like playing two seasons with your sister? she was a great player … what is she doing now?
Heather: It was a lot of fun to play with my sister. She helped me a ton to adjust to college soccer. I would say that we have always been each others biggest supporters. She is now in the real world, working for Proctor and Gamble and of course, coming to support the Buckeyes!
stacy (columbus): what was it like playing in the NCAA tournament? is it fun to travel with your team and play soccer at different places?
Heather: Playing in the NCAA tournament is a great feeling because you know that you are one of the top 64 teams in the nation. Traveling with my teammates is one of my favorite things about being a part of this team. We have gone to California, Seattle, Portland, Connecticut, and many other areas of the country together. We always find fun things to do while on the bus together for hours!
Branden: Heather, Me and all the guys love coming to support the lady buckeyes. Congrats on a great start to the season. Keep up the great work and most importantly of course we all want to know do you have a boyfriend?
Heather: Thanks for your support Branden. We always appreciate our fan support. Sorry to say that I do have a boyfriend, but there are still many great single girls on the team!
Franny’s mom: No question — just wanted to wish you good luck tonight!!!!!
Heather: Thank you! See you tonight!
LD (Your best fan): What do you do to unwind after a home game ??
Heather: My favorite thing to do after a home game is to head to Applebees with my family and enjoy a meal with my teammates and family!
Travis (Denmark): Do you think your cool?
Heather: Did you mean to put “you’re”?
Rob, Redmond: Talk about your experience at the UW tourney. What do you take away from that weekend? Did it matter that your head coach was not in attendance?
Heather: I think that our team learned alot from our experience in UW. We know that we are a great team, but need to work on finishing opportunities. I dont think that Coach being in Athens affected the weekend. We are glad to have her back, but know that the UW weekend was more about the players than the coaches.
Dr. Sam: No question, H. Just wanted to wish you good luck tonight as well.
Heather: Thank you Dr. Sam. We appreciate all that you do for us!
Bobby (Oklahoma): How many times can you juggle the ball with your shins?!?
Heather: Shins are not usually a surface taught in soccer!
Heather: Thank you for participating in the chat. I have to go prepare for the game tonight at 7:30. We also play Sunday at 2:00 and would appreciate your support!